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Home to a small permanent population of around 120,000, the Seychelles is the wealthiest African nation per capita, with a GDP measuring more than $2 billion. It has a strong education system with high literacy rates, and most citizens are proficient in all three official languages: English, French, and Seychellois Creole. An approximate workforce of 40,000 and unemployment of around 3% means competition for work is high, and performance standards reflect this.

Hospitality, marine sciences, and financial services are major pillars of the Seychellois economy, making it a fertile hiring ground when seeking specialized skills in these areas. Government initiatives to foster entrepreneurial talent and efficient remote work practices also make workers from the Seychelles ideal for a wide range of employment. Average monthly salaries are 35% of those in the US and Europe. All this points to healthy benefits for those who hire in the Seychelles.

Here we explain how a Horizons Seychelles EOR solution can enable you to hire employees efficiently and cost-effectively in the Seychelles. 

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What Is a Seychelles EOR?

A Seychelles Employer of Record (EOR) serves as the official employer of local workers in the Seychelles on behalf of foreign businesses. In simple terms, the EOR acts as a recruiter and human resources manager in the Seychelles. An EOR assumes responsibility for ensuring adherence to legal requirements, managing contracts, documentation, payroll, taxes, benefits, and all other aspects of an individual’s employment.

In general the terms Seychelles EOR and Seychelles Professional Employer Organization (PEO) are used interchangeably. 

Save Money And Time with A Seychelles EOR

What Are the Benefits of a Seychelles EOR?

By working with an EOR, any foreign company can begin onboarding Seychellois workers quickly, efficiently, and with minimum risk. In addition to the advantage of immediate access to a high-skill high-value workforce, the benefits of working with a Seychelles EOR include:

  1. No entity requirement: An EOR allows a foreign company to bypass any requirement for establishing a legal entity within the Seychelles. This saves time and money while also lowering risk to the company.
  2. Legal compliance: Navigating unfamiliar employment laws is a huge undertaking for any foreign employee. An EOR is an expert in the field who will assume all responsibility and, crucially, liability for this task.
  3. Removal of cultural barriers: While most Seychellois are fluent in English, French, and Seychellois Creole, employers from other regions may still experience language barriers. Foreign employers may also require assistance addressing cultural differences and sensitivities. Working with an EOR who has a full understanding of the community will help remove any difficulties this may cause.
  4. Salary savings: Wage requirements and cost of living are different in every nation. An EOR will have the experience to know how to get the best value from the available Seychellois workforce while also understanding any tax, social security, and pension obligations. This can generate both significant savings and legal reassurance for any foreign employer.
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Why Choose Horizons?

Horizons stands out as a Seychelles EOR through:

  1. A strong business presence throughout Africa, meaning senior management are on the ground to deal with any issues.
  2. Client-focused infrastructure. Horizons won’t oversell you on products and services you don’t need. Horizons offers the easiest platform to compliantly hire and pay people worldwide.
  3. Cost-effective solutions. At $499 per employee, per month, no EOR in Seychelles is more affordable. The cost is 100% transparent (onboarding, offboarding, deposit, no extra charges).
  4. A customer-first culture. Horizons is an efficient bootstrapped company. It is not an externally-funded company burning investor cash to aggressively acquire new clients. Horizons is the only EOR that grows with its customer, reflecting the level of care and personal attention provided to each customer. Horizons will carefully advise on the best setup in each country: the type of contract needed, how to structure your benefits, and how to offboard a person while minimizing the risk of conflicts and extra cost
  5. A long-term partnership. Horizons is the only EOR platform with a recruitment arm — a direct response to client demand. If any employee is leaving, or if our clients want to explore a new country, Horizons can recruit new candidates directly for the client.  Horizons is:
    • The only EOR doing this in-house — no subcontracting
    • The only EOR doing this without a retainer — clients are only charged upon success
    • The only EOR charging just a 2% fee per month
Step-by-step Seychelles EOR

How Does a Seychelles EOR Work?

In the Seychelles, as with anywhere in the world, an EOR works by establishing a triangle of relationships between three bodies – the client company, the EOR, and the local worker.

The individual roles of each party and the relationships between them are as follows:


A citizen within the Seychelles seeking employment with a foreign company will join the EOR’s recruitment pool or apply for an individual position. Once a suitable role becomes available, the EOR will negotiate terms with the successful employee and contracts will be signed. The local worker will then act as a staff member for the client company but will legally be an employee of the EOR.


After agreeing to terms and fees with the client company, the EOR acts as a recruiter and human resources manager for all Seychellois workers. This includes handling contracts, payroll, benefits, and all legal responsibilities. Once a worker is hired, they are assigned a role with the client company but remain an official employee of the EOR for the duration of their service.

Client Company

This is a (usually) foreign business wishing to build a workforce in the Seychelles without the knowledge or infrastructure in place. Rather than dedicate significant resources to establishing a local entity, familiarizing itself with local laws, and navigating any number of other hurdles, the client company will enter an agreement with an EOR to recruit and manage that workforce.

stay compliant with Seychelles labor laws

Labor Laws

One of the primary reasons for using an EOR in the Seychelles is the complexity and unfamiliarity of the country’s labor laws, which, like all regulations, are often amended and updated. By allowing a local expert to take full responsibility for maintaining compliance with every aspect of employing Seychellois workers, a foreign business not only saves itself time, resources, and the headache of learning and tracking these regulations, but it also protects itself from repercussions should any mistakes, complications, or grievances arise.

Employment contract types

Written contracts in the employee’s language are legally required for all employment in the Seychelles. These are expected to detail compensation, benefits, and termination protocols. The currency used in these contracts should always be Seychellois rupees (SCR).

Types of employment contracts which can be offered in the Seychelles include:

1. Indefinite / Continuous

These are standard employment contracts for permanent full-time positions.

2. Fixed-term

These contracts are for employment that ends on a predetermined date, or after the completion of a specific task. They are often used for project work, temporary positions, and seasonal employment.

3. Part-time

These are permanent contracts for employees with agreed regular hours less than the standard full-time working week.

4. Casual

These are for short-term or irregular working arrangements. They offer minimum protection, reduced benefits, and require only one day’s notice for termination.


Probationary period

No probationary period.


At completion of the project.


Not applicable unless the employee has served continuously for a period that would entitle them to such benefits under the Employment Act.


Probationary period

Typically up to 6 months.

Termination notice period

30 days (minimum and maximum allowed by labor law)


If the contract is not renewed upon expiration and the employee has been continuously employed for at least five years, they may be entitled to severance pay as per the Employment Act.


Probationary period

Typically up to 6 months.

Termination notice period

30 days (minimum and maximum allowed by labor law)


1 month salary per year of service

Working hours in Seychelles

The Employment Act (Conditions of Employment) Regulations 1991 stated a standard working week in the Seychelles should not exceed 52 hours with no more than 12 hours worked on any single day. Overtime can be offered up to a maximum of 15 additional hours per week, or 60 hours each month.

For regular workers, overtime should be paid at 150% on weekdays or 200% on holidays. For shift workers, overtime should be paid at 150% on weekdays and Sundays, or 300% for public holidays. Alternatively, time off in lieu can be offered.

Overtime must be compensated in the following way:

For a regular workday:

150% of the standard hourly rate

For a rest day:

200% of the standard hourly rate, or a day off

For a statutory holiday:

200% of the standard hourly rate

There are 12 public holidays in the Seychelles for a standard year. If these days fall on a Sunday, the following day is also declared a holiday. Many of these are focused on the Christian calendar, including Easter and Christmas. Others are for global celebrations such as Labour Day or national anniversaries, including Constitution Day and Independence Day.

Small but significant Muslim and Hindu populations in the Seychelles mean it is often advisable to recognize holidays in those religious calendars. This is not, however, legally mandated. Employees working on public holidays must be compensated with overtime pay or time off in lieu.


DateHoliday name
1 Jan, 2024New Year’s Day
2 Jan, 2024New Year holiday
29 Mar, 2024Good Friday
30 Mar, 2024Holy Saturday
1 Apr, 2024Easter Monday
1 May, 2024Labour Day
30 May, 2024Corpus Christi
18 Jun, 2024Constitution Day
29 Jun, 2024National Day
15 Aug, 2024Assumption of Mary
1 Nov, 2024All Saints’ Day
8 Dec, 2024Immaculate Conception
9 Dec, 2024Day off for Immaculate Conception
25 Dec, 2024Christmas Day

Paid time off

Seychellois workers are entitled to paid time off after the birth of a child. The minimum maternity allowance for new mothers is 14 weeks at full pay with up to 12 additional weeks unpaid. Fathers are granted ten days at full pay if taken within four months of their child’s birth. Employers may also agree to grant paid time off for bereavement, personal emergencies, or public services such as jury duty, but this is not mandated by law.

Under 1 year of employment

Pro-rata basis

1-10 years of employment

21 days of paid leave annually

10-20 years of employment

21 days of paid leave annually

20+ years of employment

21 days of paid leave annually

Sick leave in Seychelles

Standard paid sick leave entitlement in the Seychelles is 21 days each year. This can be extended for a further 30 days if an employee is instructed to remain in a hospital or at home by a medical practitioner. Employees required to take a longer absence from the workplace after this period should be offered up to 30 days of additional unpaid leave.

Less than 6 months of sick leave

Under 1 year of employment

Pro-rata basis

1-10 years of employment

30 days of paid leave annually

10-20 years of employment

30 days of paid leave annually

20+ years of employment

30 days of paid leave annually

Over 6 months of sick leave

Under 1 year of employment

Not specific but typically equivalent to the employee's regular wages during the period of absence due to illness.

1-3 years of employment

Not specific but typically equivalent to the employee's regular wages during the period of absence due to illness.

3+ years of employment

Not specific but typically equivalent to the employee's regular wages during the period of absence due to illness.

In order for employees to receive the full wages due to them, workers must present a valid medical certificate from a certified doctor to their employer.

Maternity leave in Seychelles

Maternity leave in Seychelles is designed to support expecting mothers by providing 14 weeks of fully paid leave, allowing them to prepare for childbirth, recover afterward, and care for their newborns.

Maternity leave is fully paid, ensuring that employees can take time off before and after childbirth without loss of income. Employers are required to provide suitable facilities for nursing mothers, including breaks for breastfeeding or expressing milk during working hours.

Annual leave in Seychelles

In addition to public holidays, every permanent worker in the Seychelles is entitled to 21 days of annual leave at full pay. For those who have worked less than a year, this equates to 1.75 days accrued per month completed.

Termination & severance in Seychelles

Rules regarding termination of employment in the Seychelles vary depending on the type of contract and length of service. Permanent and fixed-term workers must be given one month’s notice, in writing, before their employment is ended. Anyone still in their probationary period should receive seven day’s notice. Casual workers are only entitled to one day’s notice.

Statutory severance for redundancy or termination at the fault of the employer is five-sixths of one day’s full pay for every month of service. This is doubled for fixed-term contracts that are ended early. For termination due to the employee’s fault, any severance pay will be at the discretion of a designated competent officer.

Seychelles' compulsory social security contributions

In Seychelles, the compulsory social security system is managed by the Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF), which oversees contributions and benefits for eligible workers.  The specific contribution rates and administrative procedures may be subject to updates or modifications by the Seychelles Pension Fund or relevant authorities. 

Seychelles social security for foreigners

Foreigners legally employed in Seychelles are entitled to participate in the country’s social security system, contributing to and benefiting from the Seychelles Pension Fund. For specific details on contribution rates, benefits, and compliance requirements, employers and employees should refer to Seychellois social security legislation.

Individual income tax

Individual income tax in Seychelles follows a progressive tax structure, where higher income levels are taxed at higher rates. Individual income tax is levied on the earnings of residents and non-residents who derive income from sources within Seychelles.

Health insurance

In Seychelles, there isn’t a comprehensive national health insurance system that covers all residents. Public healthcare services are generally subsidized for Seychellois citizens, with some services available to non-citizens on a fee-paying basis. Private health insurance plans may be available through employers or purchased individually to cover private healthcare costs.

Some employers in Seychelles offer health insurance or health benefits as part of their employment packages.

hassle-free Seychellois compensation & benefits

Compensation & Benefits

Seychelles compensation laws

Since January 1, 2020, the minimum wage for employees in the Seychelles has been SCR 38.27 per hour or SCR 44.10 for casual workers. Equating to a little under $3 per hour, this is significantly below the global average. In practice, wages closer to $6 are common in many industries.

13 month salary in Seychelles

Seychellois workers are entitled to be paid a 13th-month salary each year equivalent to at least one standard month’s basic pay. Performance-based bonuses and allowances for shift work, housing, meals, and transportation are also offered as incentives and rewards by some employers, as is private health insurance, but these are not a legal requirement.

Social security for Seychellois nationals

Both employee and employer are required to place 2% of the employee’s monthly salary in a Pension Contribution Fund. A mandatory 2.5% social security payment is also taken from employees, while their employers must contribute an additional 20%.

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Frequently asked questions

The number one benefit of working with an EOR in the Seychelles is the ability to hire local employees without the requirement to establish an entity inside the territory. This allows businesses to recruit quickly, often within days rather than months. It also saves valuable resources, ensures compliance with all local laws and regulations, and outsources the responsibility for recruiting and managing employees throughout their contracts.

As local experts, it is a primary function of an EOR in the Seychelles to be fully versed in all employment laws, to be aware of any changes, and to understand the most efficient methods for maintaining compliance throughout every stage of an employee’s service. As the EOR assumes liability for all employment and human resource responsibilities, this allows the client business to proceed with confidence and security in all matters.

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