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Hire and pay talent in 180+ countries. Our streamlined process ensures smooth onboarding for employees, all while guaranteeing full compliance through our established entities.

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Hiring overseas typically requires establishing a subsidiary or entity, which can be costly, time-consuming, and complex due to intricate tax and labor law compliance. However, with Horizons, you can leverage the benefits of international hiring without the hassle of setting up a local entity.

Hire and pay anywhere

Hire, pay, and manage employees in over 180 countries.

No subsidiary required

Horizons’ proprietary infrastructure allows you to hire within hours instead of months.

Save up to 85%

We handle all local HR responsibilities, allowing you to save on incorporation costs.

Why choose Horizons EOR?

When you partner with Horizons, you ensure a smooth, hassle-free hiring and payroll experience. Employees can be onboarded in any country in the world within 24 hours.

If you do not have a candidate, Horizons can assist you with our in-house international recruitment service.

Hire in 180+ countries

Forget the complexities of setting up local entities. With Horizons, you can hire your global team in any country through our 180+ entities.

Pay in local currencies

Horizons manages payroll for all your employees, consolidating it into a single monthly bill you can pay in the currency of your choice.

Onboard in 24 hours

Hiring overseas no longer takes weeks or months. With Horizons, new employees can be onboarded and ready to go within 24 hours.

Manage compliance

Horizons handles all employment taxes, social security contributions, and other liabilities, eliminating the need for you to navigate complex foreign legal requirements.

Offer local benefits

Provide superior health insurance and local benefits for your employees.

Save on hiring costs

Through our EOR solution, Horizons can save you up to 85% on employee hiring costs.

Join 3,000+ companies using Horizons

3 simple steps to global hiring

1. Select employees

Pick candidates of your own choosing, or use our talent acquisition service.

2. We hire and onboard

We become the Employer of Record (EOR) for your global team, while you remain in charge on a day-to-day basis.

3. We manage payroll

We take care of payroll and also withhold employment taxes and manage compliance. 

Horizons EOR Benefits

Global coverage

With one partner, you can hire a global workforce in 180+ countries.

Fast onboarding

Instead of the weeks or months to set up an entity, onboard employees in 24 hours.

Cost savings

With no need for company incorporation or set-up, you save 85 percent of the cost of hiring overseas.

Local expertise

Our experts on the ground ensure full compliance with local tax and labor laws.

Full service HR

On top of EOR, Horizons can manage contractors, recruitment and visas.

Intuitive platform

Our user-friendly EOR platform gives you 24/7 oversight of your global payroll.

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