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Our expert headhunters will source and match top-tier talent for your specific needs. With our unique pricing model, you can benefit from a minimal 2% salary spread paid over 12 months.

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Personalised recruitment services for stress-free global hiring

Optimize your recruitment process with our expertly curated selection of top candidates precisely matched to your unique job requirements. Our global team of specialists ensures a localized and personalized approach, saving you time and guaranteeing successful hires.

Benefits of our global recruitment solution

1. Source global talents

With recruitment capabilities, talent networks, and headhunters in over 180 countries, you can work with a single point of contact for hiring across diverse industries and regions.

2. Pay as you go

Instead of upfront recruitment costs, you can pay just 2% of an employee’s salary over a flexible 12-month period. This unique benefit also includes a free replacement if a candidate leaves during their probation period.

3. HR infrastructure

We provide your business with 360-degree hiring and onboarding support with the right HR infrastructure. This includes global payroll compliance, local payroll sponsorship, and labour contracts.

Recruit with our 12-month payment plan

With Horizons, you can get the highest value for money with our 12-month payment option. This revolutionary process is designed to make hiring new talent easier for you and your company. Instead of the usual way of paying for recruiting services, this new way of paying 2% of salary over 12 months is more flexible and can bring business leaders more peace of mind.

Here are the main features about this new payment method:

1. Managing Costs, Reducing Risks:

Our 12-month payment plan helps you manage your money better and reduces the chance of anything going wrong. You only pay as the new employee progresses in their role, so it’s like a partnership where we both want the same good results.

2. Getting to know Candidates Better:

With this new payment plan, you have more time to really get to know potential candidates. You can take your time to see if they have the right skills, fit well with your company’s culture, and can be a long-term asset to your team.

3. Building Stronger Connections:

This special payment plan makes us work together more closely. We’ll find candidates that match well with your company, which means they’re more likely to stay and be happy in their job. This helps both of us grow together.

Benefits of our subscription plan

Pay 2% of a candidate’s annual salary per month over 12 months

Eliminate the financial risk of traditional recruitment fees

Align payments with the candidate’s performance and tenure

Enjoy greater control over your budget

Unlock deeper insights thorough candidate assessment

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We select, asses and onboard your
global talent for you

Global Recruitment Expertise:

Our highly qualified in-house recruitment team has 10+ years of experience, ensuring you access the best talent worldwide

Local Insight:

We have a deep understanding of local markets, enabling us to provide you with candidates who not only have the right skills but also fit seamlessly into your organisation

Flexible Payment Terms:

You’ll appreciate our flexible payment structure. It’s cost-effective and sustainable

Candidate Selection:

We take great care in selecting candidates, ensuring they align with your requirements and organisational culture

Candidate Assessment:

For every shortlisted candidate, we provide a detailed profile assessment to give you a deeper understanding of their qualifications and fit for your role

Legal Expertise:

We offer invaluable assistance with various legal documents, including employment offers, Employment Agreements (EA), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), terminations, and more, providing you with peace of mind throughout the hiring process

Recruitment methodology

Understanding the needs of your business

We take the time to gain a true understanding of your business and your goals for future growth. Our team of global expansion specialists analyze your company’s strategy and develop a systematic approach that meets your recruitment challenges.

Develop an appropriate candidate profile

Whether you’re looking to fill an executive level role, a specialist position, or a casual appointment, Horizons helps you to find the right person in the shortest possible time. Our customized process identifies the industry experience, qualifications, and professional attributes required to be successful in your business. Through our talent acquisition profile, we highlight reputable candidates and assess their suitability for each role.

Discover the very best talent

Utilizing our network of local and international partners, market insights, and extensive industry knowledge, we identify and connect you to exceptional talent. Our team has ‘on-the-ground’ experience in all major industries and understands the recruitment challenges you may face. This experience enables us to target and attract the most suitable candidates on a global level.

Present high-quality candidates

Horizons showcases the unique attributes of your organization and highlights to candidates the most compelling employer proposition. Our research capabilities, combined with our industry-leading network of partners, allows us to put forward the most qualified candidate shortlist. Through an extensive interviewing process, we identify high-level talent and work meticulously to assess their suitability for your vacant role.

Put the right talent forward

After presenting your business with the most suitably qualified talent, we draft a detailed assessment of each candidate to help you move towards internal interviews. We continue to support your organization across each phase of the recruitment process – including employee sourcing, hiring, and onboarding. Our recruitment team provide expertise through ongoing interviews, travel and accommodation support for candidates, global immigration, compliance, and formal offers. When you partner with Horizons, our seamless recruitment service enables you to quickly connect with the right person for the job.

Support after placement

Our comprehensive post-recruitment services include all elements of HR, local payroll sponsorship, labour contracts, and termination.

What is included?

At Horizons, we provide your business with a tailored recruitment solution that allows you to connect with the most qualified, high-level talent. Our strategic approach enables you to source from a pool of local and international candidates that align with your organisation’s goals and values.

Job Brief Call

We help analyse the job profile with the hiring manager, define the position and decide salary estimation based on global standard

Headhunting Activities

Get expert headhunters and in-country specialists to source the best profiles for the role


We collect complete information, CVs, screen resumes and manage all the pre-qualifications round with the shortlisted candidates

Candidate Presentation

We set-up and co-ordinate client-candidate interviews so that business leaders and hiring managers can share feedback on the shortlisted candidates

Reference Checks

Reference checks, background checks, personality and professional tests are critical, and Horizons makes sure to check these diligently

Offer Letter

We look after the offer management and salary negotiation once a profile has been approved

Post-Onboarding Support

Once a candidate has been recruited and onboarded on the Horizons EOR platform, we continue to support the employee through all payroll and taxes-related needs compliantly

Guarantee Period

If a candidate quits your company during the first three months since recruitment, we replace this candidate with a new candidate for free, saving you time and effort

Horizons stands out as the only Employer of Record with an integrated recruitment team. This provides us with a comprehensive solution that is invaluable when facing unexpected staff turnover. Their competitive pricing, with no hidden fees, sets them apart from other providers and ensures cost-effectiveness for our global payroll operations. We highly recommend Horizons for their exceptional local HR expertise and innovative approach to managing a global workforce.

Raymond Ro
Associate Dean of Business at NYU

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