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Jamaica Work Visas & Work Permits

Learn how to get Jamaica work visas, how to hire foreign workers in Jamaica, and more useful details

When expanding any company to Jamaica, part of the operation usually involves bringing talent in from abroad to help with the setup and growth. This means they will need Jamaica work visas.

However, applying for and obtaining work visas for Jamaica can be a complicated process, with the country’s unique immigration regulations and administrative procedures complicating matters and possibly causing delays.

At Horizons, our experts in global expansion offer a range of Jamaica work visa solutions, immigration help, and outsourcing services, to provide your organization with everything it needs to expand into Jamaica with the help of the best globally sourced talent.

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Standard requirements for Jamaica work visas

While the precise requirements depend on various factors, most work visa applicants will need to meet some basic requirements, including:
  • Valid passport and passport photos
  • Application forms and fees
  • A formal invitation letter

In addition to the visa, foreign workers will need a work permit. The application process for this is distinct and requires a number of documents from the employer and the employee, including: 

  • Proof of qualifications and/or work experience
  • Justification for hiring a foreign worker
  • Criminal record check
  • Proof of attempting to hire locally for the position

Types of Jamaica work visas

Foreign workers who want to live and work in Jamaica may need both a visa and a work permit. However, nationals of many countries do not need a visa. The length of visa-free stays various depending on the country, but is generally either 90 days or 180 days. 

A work permit, on the other hand, is required by all foreign workers, even if they have permanent residency for the country.

How to get a visa and work permit for Jamaica

Firstly, you should determine whether a visa is necessary for the individuals in question. If the employee is from a non-exempt country, they may need to apply for a visa in advance of traveling to Jamaica. For most visitors, however, there are no visa requirements, or visas can be gained upon entry. Work permit applications need to be processed through the Jamaican Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The applicant will need to pay a fee for the application, which varies depending on the length of the permit. If the employee needs to stay in Jamaica for longer than the term of their visa, they will also need to apply for residency.

Other considerations

Applications for permanent residency can take several months to be processed, so make sure that you/your employees start them well in advance of the initial visa period ending. 

The work permit application process can also be lengthy, taking weeks or months to complete, so, again, it is important to prepare early.

How can Horizons help?

At Horizons, we help companies from all over the globe to expand successfully into Jamaica, and we are experts in obtaining Jamaican work visas for foreign workers. Our Jamaica work visa specialists provide reliable support and outsourcing services to guide you through the country’s complex immigration and employment processes rapidly and effectively. We will ensure that your business and workforce are in compliance with Jamaica’s laws and answer any queries you may have about the system along the way.

Beyond our visa services, we offer comprehensive outsourcing solutions that cover everything from recruitment to payroll, HR, administration, and more, supporting through all key stages of your expansion, even if you don’t have an official subsidiary in the country.