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Teaming up with Horizons


International HR services 
with local expertise

When you join Horizons’ partner program, you’re able to support your network to hire global talents quickly, cost-effectively, and in full compliance with local laws.

As the EOR, we absorb our client company’s tax, legal, and HR responsibilities for all employees in-country.

This enables your referrals to quickly begin international operations in new markets, without the burden of establishing a local entity or subsidiary.


Horizons operates in 
180+ countries

Hire employees in nearly every country globally.

With our dedicated, on-site recruitment team, we’re able to source and recruit top local and international talent.

In addition to our international EOR & recruitment services, we manage new employee onboarding, HR administration, and the distribution of global payroll and benefits. 

Partners program overview

Horizons offers both reseller and affiliate partnerships.

Whichever option is best for you, your referrals can enjoy solutions tailored to their international HR needs. With Horizons as the back-office, your network can bypass the normal complexities that come with taking a business abroad. 

By avoiding complicated, time-consuming tasks like opening a local company or hiring an on-site HR & legal team, your network can focus on their day-to-day operations, without the costs and regulatory burdens their competitors are likely facing.

With the support of Horizons, your referrals can effectively expand their international operations and transform their business goals into reality.

EOR provider

  • You are an EOR provider wanting to expand your offerings and create new revenue streams.
  • You are seeking a ‘white-label’ EOR solution to operate as your back office.
  • You want a new product line or geographies to offer your existing clients or to attract new ones.
  • You want to work with a leading EOR who puts partners and clients as the priority.


  • You’re a trusted advisor to your network.
  • Your network is ready to hire internationally.
  • You want a trusted partner who is service-driven & client-centric.
  • You want the best EOR prices available for your network.

The benefits of partnering with Horizons

When you partner with Horizons, you support your network to become successful on a global scale. By combining our resources, we enable your network to fast-track their compliant international operations. 

During our partnership, you can expect the following from Horizons.

Client-focused workflows

With Horizons, the client is always #1. You can be assured that when you partner with Horizons, your clients are well taken care of and satisfied.

Dedicated partnerships team

You will have a dedicated partnerships contact. Our partnerships team is available to answer any questions you have—quickly & accurately.

Global capabilities

With our entities in 180+ countries worldwide, your referrals can take their business abroad and quickly hire and pay their global workforce.

Intuitive workforce tech

Through our integrated HR & payroll tech, your referrals can easily manage expenses & track time securely and without error.

In-country expertise

Our team of in-country expansion specialists are on hand to provide your referrals with the support they need, whenever they need it.

Client satisfaction

Horizons' clients are satisfied - visit our G2 page to see what our clients say. When you partner with Horizons, we will take care of your referrals.

Global Payroll Solutions

With our tailored payroll solutions, your referrals can enjoy the confidence of accurate, on-time global payroll and benefits - where ever they are.

Ongoing Compliance

Horizons absorbs all risks and legal liability. This adds protection for your referrals, ensuring they maintain full compliance with local labor laws.

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