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Labor contract with e-signature
Full payroll change suite (salary, allowance, bonus, etc.)
Payroll compliance system
Group invoice option
Invoice split option
Invoice approval
Payslip distribution
Employee data reporting
Team consolidated reporting
Individual income tax withholding
Social security enrollment
Health insurance coverage Optional
Travel insurance coverage Optional
Pension contribution
Full reporting suite Optional
Work accident coverage Optional
Death & disability coverage Optional
Employer liability insurance
Labor contract adjustments (non-compete, confidentiality, 27 etc.) Optional
IP Protection Optional
Notice for termination Optional Min. as per labor law Min. as per labor law
GDPR Compliance
ID & Tax Number Verification
Advanced access rights
Advanced GDPR automation
Single sign on (SSO)202320232023
Award winning global support
Dedicated account manager
Legal specialist assistance for contract
Onboarding assitance
Tax compliance assistance2023
On-site HR presence 
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Startup Plan

If you’re a startup, ask about the discount on EOR services.

NGO Plan

We are proud to offer a discount on Horizons’ services if your organization is a qualifying NGO.

Additional Services

International Recruitment

Our in-house talent search team can source your global team

2% of gross salary
Monthly for 12 months

  • You tell us desired hiring location and candidate preferences
  • Our team will conduct an evaluation of the project
  • If approved, you will be assigned a dedicated Recruitment Consultant
  • You pay a project deposit* and we kick off the project with job brief call
  • Our consultant searches and builds a shortlist of candidates
  • You interview the candidates and select the most suitable
  • We issue the offer letter to the candidate on your behalf
  • After signing the offer letter, your candidate enters hiring formalities with Horizons

International Health Insurance

International insurance for +180 countries

Starting From
80 USD / month

  • Dependent Coverage**
  • Direct billing & reimbursement options
  • Low, transparent pricing
  • Travel insurance for 180+ countries included
  • Localized benefits across countries
  • Easy benefits administration & fast reimbursement
  • Use Horizons Health for visa applications
  • Vision & dental add-ons available

** Get dependent coverage with additional premium

Visas & Work Permits

Visa and residency application support

Fair local rates
For your hiring location

Pricing for global mobility services vary wildly depending on the following factors:

  • Country of hiring
  • Job title

  • Annual salary

  • Previous experience / CV

  • Nationality

  • Current residency location

There are also some external factors which could affect the feasibility of a global mobility project:

  • Borders are temporarily closed
  • Local regulations prevent hiring of foreign nationals

Frequently asked questions

You can pay contractors in all of the currencies supported here.

The price of  299 USD / month / employee is the starting price for hiring a local national employee in selected countries.

For a free consultation and quote specific to your situation, please get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to help.

Horizons strives to be an affordable, yet still high quality, PEO solution. And we succeed.

We believe in the future of work and think it should be accessible to as many companies and as many workers as possible.

One of our goals is to lower the barrier to entry on international EOR services so that it becomes a viable option for companies that were previously priced-out. We want to enable smaller companies to be able to access the global marketplace.

At the same time, our pricing is attractive for large companies looking to hire at scale.

To put it simply– our prices are relatively low because they can be. Horizons has more experience than the competition (we’ve been around longer), and have refined our processes to be as efficient as possible.

Horizons combines the efficiency & convenience of a cloud platform with the expertise of industry veterans. This powerful combination means a high-quality of service can be maintained throughout the entire employment lifecycle.

Horizons started as a consultancy-style business which has transformed over time into a more tech-driven business model. The result? Years of institutional knowledge has been kept, and we know and understand the value of real experience in this industry. This knowledge and daily experience feeds into our platform, helping us to generate a product that is truly getting better and better each day.

Our in-house engineering team created our platform specifically for the co-employment scenario that arises when you engage a PEO. We strive as much as possible for the relationship between companies and employees to be as natural as possible, while we exist in the middle only to facilitate great working relationships. It’s all possible because of our platform.

Our platform is secure, built from the ground up with various data protection laws in mind. Whether your business is processing data in/from the EU, China, California, Brazil, or anywhere else with strong data laws, Horizons architecture makes it easy for you to maintain data compliance.

1. Dedicated, country-specific local HR support
Increase employee satisfaction by offering country-specific, local HR and employment support. Reduce the cost of international hiring while keeping the benefits of local support.

2. Expansion specialists on every continent
Expand to new markets confidently with unrestricted access to our globally distributed expansion consultants and HR specialists. Your primary contact will be in your time zone.
Excellent global employment insights
Use our highly accurate insights and minimize your business risk and offer compliant employment to your global team.

3. Transparent, competitive pricing
Enjoy the most transparent and competitive pricing of any quality EOR provider. Starting at $290 per month, per employee, you save up to 50% compared to other global providers. We don’t have any hidden fees either. You will know project costs from early in the process, giving you the ability to accurately forecast and budget.

4. 360-degree service capabilities from recruitment to global mobility
We provide a one-stop solution for international employment, supporting the entire employee journey from recruitment to EOR, and global mobility services to assist with visa and work permit applications.

5. Intuitive, secure HR management platform
Horizons offers a truly user-centric and easy-to-use tech platform, built on user feedback, and fully GDPR compliant.

A contractor is the same as a freelancer. That means the company has fewer obligations to the contractor than it would to an employee; at the same time, the freelancer also has fewer obligations to the company.

An employee is a full-time, dedicated staff person. To hire an employee generally means drafting and signing an employment contract that lays out the terms, conditions, and obligations of both parties. In general, the employee and employer both enjoy more protections from an employment arrangement compared to a contractor agreement. You can read more about the functional differences between contractors and employees here.

Financially speaking, a contractor may demand more payment per job, but there is no fixed monthly amount and a company wouldn’t be responsible for paying social insurance. On the other hand, an employee represents a fixed monthly cost, including in-kind and mandator benefits like social insurance, health insurance, and others. However, an employee holds more obligation, and presumably more loyalty, toward their employer than a freelancer might.

One is not better than the other; whether to choose to hire a contractor or an employee depends on your specific business situation. Please feel free to ask us advice on which might be best for you; if you’re still not sure, you could always hire a contractor and transition them to an employee later. This solution is common and might limit employment risks from both options.

(1) Local employment experts leveraging a powerful employment platform to provide top-tier service.

(2) The most competitive rates on the market.

(3) Access to great local benefits packages through our entities.

(3) Pay all contractors & employees with one monthly payment.

(4) Full-suite services available in one place, including global recruitment, global mobility, international payroll, and an HR management platform.

Horizons serves over 180 markets globally, with a strong physical presence throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Horizons is the best choice of international hiring partner, especially if your hiring projects demands experienced global hiring experts handling your employees.

Generally, companies are not responsible for paying additional taxes or social contributions for contractors or freelancers.

However, you should be careful that your contractors are not misclassified. Employee misclassification, or paying a de facto employee as a contractor, can lead to hefty fines from tax authorities in many countries. In cases where you aren’t sure if your staff are genuine contractors or de facto employees, it’s best to engage a hiring partner who knows the local laws and can advise you on which classification is best for your situation.

Whether you are hiring contractors or full-time employees, Horizons is the best choice of international hiring partner, especially if you plan to hire in a developing country. Get in touch today.

Simply contact us for a free consultation and itemized cost estimate.