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Optional EOR add-ons

Visas and immigration

Our internal immigration team manages the obtention of work visas. Grow your business while ensuring full immigration compliance.

Background check

Conduct an international background check regardless of where your candidates live and work, ensuring that all necessary legal and professional standards are met.

Private insurance

Offer your employees better medical coverage through access to local health insurance and benefits, providing comprehensive care tailored to their region.


Equip your new international hires effortlessly. We handle the logistics of sending laptops, monitors, and other essential equipment to your global team, ensuring they have all they need to grow your business.

Bonuses, benefits and more

We manage time off requests, annual bonuses, fringe benefits, and more, all in compliance with local laws and regulations, ensuring smooth ongoing operations.


We provide offices granting you access to beautifully designed workspaces across the globe, fostering productivity and collaboration in a professional environment.

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Startup Plan

If you’re a startup, ask about the discount on EOR services.

Education Plan

If you’re an educational institution, inquire about EOR service discounts.

NGO Plan

We offer a discount on Horizons’ services if your organization is a qualifying NGO.

Horizons streamlines global hiring, allowing you to concentrate on strategic initiatives

“Horizons really shows great personal care of each customer. You have a dedicated team that makes sure everything runs smoothly. We have so far onboarded more than 5 EOR (Spain and Germany) and everything was super smooth and fast. Besides the fantastic onboarding phase, Horizons is always close to our needs and take good care of our EORs. I am really fascinated by their excellent work and highly recommend their service to others.”
Jan Luca E.

Head of Finance, ARCHLET

Frequently Asked Questions

Horizons is committed to providing an affordable and compliant EOR solution, and we succeed in delivering just that.

We believe in the future of work and strive to make it accessible to as many companies and workers as possible.

One of our primary goals is to lower the barrier to entry for international EOR services, making them a viable option for previously priced-out companies. We aim to empower smaller companies to access the global marketplace.

Additionally, our pricing is highly competitive for large companies looking to hire at scale.

Simply put, our prices are low because they can be. With more experience than our competitors and refined, efficient processes, Horizons offers exceptional value.

Yes, Horizons offers comprehensive talent acquisition services.

We specialize in sourcing top talent globally, providing tailored recruitment solutions to help your company find the best candidates.

Our talent acquisition service is part of our broader offerings, including global mobility, international payroll, and HR management.

This integrated approach ensures that all your employment needs are met efficiently and effectively.

A contractor is similar to a freelancer, meaning the company has fewer obligations to the contractor than it would to an employee. Likewise, the freelancer has fewer obligations to the company.

An employee is a full-time, dedicated staff member. Hiring an employee typically involves drafting and signing an employment contract that outlines both parties’ terms, conditions, and obligations. Generally, the employee and employer enjoy more protection in an employment arrangement than in a contractor agreement. You can read more about the functional differences between contractors and employees here.

Financially, a contractor may demand higher payment per job, but there is no fixed monthly salary, and the company is not responsible for paying social insurance. Conversely, an employee represents a fixed monthly cost, including mandatory social and health insurance benefits. However, an employee typically has more obligations and presumably more loyalty to their employer than a freelancer might.

Neither option is inherently better; hiring a contractor or an employee depends on your business needs.

Feel free to ask us for advice on which might be best for you. If unsure, you could hire a contractor and transition them to an employee later. This common solution can help mitigate employment risks associated with both options.

  1. Local employment experts leverage a powerful platform to deliver top-tier service.
  2. The most competitive rates in the market.
  3. Access to excellent local benefits packages through our entities.
  4. Pay all contractors and employees with a single monthly payment.
  5. Comprehensive services all in one place, including global recruitment, global mobility, international payroll, and an HR management platform.

Horizons serves over 180 markets globally, with a physical presence in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Horizons is the premier choice for an international hiring partner, especially if your projects demand experienced global hiring experts to manage your employees.

Simply contact us for a free consultation and a full cost estimate.

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