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Reduce legal admin

Hire in 180+ countries confidently without complex legal paperwork & know-how.

Shift your legal admin
and compliance burden

Ease the workload of your legal team by shifting the legal admin and compliance for global hiring to Horizons. Horizons becomes the Employer of Record (EOR) for your global team, taking on legal obligations and employer liability. Horizons ensures compliant labor contracts are in place, that all legally-mandated taxes and deductions are paid, and that key HR decisions, such as termination, follow the letter of the law.

How Horizons supports legal teams

When Horizons becomes the EOR for your global workforce, it ensures labor contracts are compliant, that necessary taxes are withheld and that payroll and HR regulations are followed.

Save on legal costs

With legal experts in the country of hire, Horizons drafts labor contracts and oversees ongoing compliance so you don’t have to.

Engage experts

Horizons has in-house legal experts, with in depth knowledge of labor and tax laws around the world.

Manage liability

As the legal employer of your team overseas, Horizons becomes liable as the employer under employment and tax laws.

How legal teams benefit

Your legal team can benefit from an EOR solution in the following ways:

Key takeaways

01. No subsidiary set up — with an EOR solution you completely avoid the legal process associated with setting up a subsidiary or legal entity overseas

02. Reduced legal costs — as specialists in the legalities of overseas hire, we can often carry out the task more cost-effectively.

03.Compliant labor contracts, drafted by experts.

04. Legal risk management — as the Employer of Record we take on legal liability as the employer.

05. Manage the paper trail — through our EOR platform you have clear visibility of all legal documentation for your global teams.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries.

How we support legal


Define & agree on terms of engagement

First, the client business and Horizons enter into an EOR agreement. This identifies all the roles, and responsibilities and liabilities of the client company and the EOR.


We hire and onboard employees

As the Employer of Record, we hire all global employees under locally-compliant labor contracts.


Review legal documentation at any time

Through the Horizons platform, you have an audit trail of all legal documentation, accessible at any time.


Dismiss employees within the law

If an employee needs to be dismissed/terminated, Horizons ensures this occurs in full compliance with applicable laws (especially with respect to notice periods and severance).

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Horizons has an in-house legal team. 

Since Horizons is employing thousands of workers across the globe as the ’employer of record’, we have a robust legal team capable of smoothly handling the complexities of international hiring scenarios.

Yes. Horizons provides localized employment agreements guaranteed to be within the requirements of local labor law. Horizons also helps facilitate employee management on the GDPR-compliant Horizons HR management platform.

For employee dismissals, Horizons is experienced in ensuring that employee termination processes precisely follow local laws. 

With a local EOR partner like Horizons, you can avoid costly mistakes when hiring and dismissing employees.

Yes. You can contact Horizons about your project. Our legal team would be happy to join the call and provide answers to any questions you have.