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Transitioning from your current HR provider to the Horizons Global Employer of Record (EOR) solution is seamless with our dedicated support. Let us elevate your HR experience.

Switch your EOR to Horizons

If you already use an Employer of Record (EOR) solution to hire and pay employees, you might consider the benefits of switching to Horizons.

By working with Horizons, you get global coverage, local expertise, and one of the most cost-effective global EOR solutions on the market.

The Horizons EOR solution means your business benefits from a market-leading payroll and HR platform, and personalized customer support. 

With coverage in 180+ locations, Horizons can help, anywhere in the world. 

Why switch to Horizons?

When you switch to Horizons, you switch to a trusted EOR that hires your global teams, and takes care of payroll, compliance, and employee onboarding. As a full-service global HR company, Horizons can also support you with recruitment and visa/work permit assistance.

Cost Savings

With entities across major international markets, you no longer have to work with multiple providers when expanding into more than one country.

Global Coverage

Most other EORs offer limited coverage. With Horizons you can hire anywhere in the world — we cover 180+ countries and locations.

Local Expertise

Horizons means local experts to support your business anywhere in the world. We ensure full compliance with local labor and tax laws.

Benefits of switching to Horizons

There are numerous benefits in switching from your existing EOR to Horizons

Key takeaways

01. Hire anywhere in the world — with Horizons. With one partner, you can now hire in 180+ countries.

02. Legal expertise — Horizons has in-house legal experts.  Horizons does not outsource legal advice as many other EORs do.

03. Fast onboarding — with Horizons you can have labor contracts signed and employees ready to work in as little as 24 hours.

04. Add-on services — as a full-service global HR company, Horizons also takes care of international recruitment and work visa/permit support.

05. Cost-effective EOR — with EOR solutions starting at $290 per employee per month, Horizons is more cost-effective than most EOR providers.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries.

How to switch to Horizons


Define & agree to terms of EOR service

First, the client business and Horizons negotiate an EOR agreement. This will identify the needs of each party going forward and take into account the need to end prior EOR arrangements.


Transition employees to Horizons

Your existing team will need to be transitioned to Horizons employment. This means setting up labor contracts with Horizons and uploading employee information to the Horizons platform.


Hire any new team members through Horizons

Horizons can source, hire, and onboard your global team members anywhere in the world. Through a co-employment arrangement, Horizons becomes the Employer of Record, but your company continues to oversee workers on a day-to-day basis.


Review employees and payroll at any time

Horizons takes care of monthly payroll, including taxes, deductions, benefits and expense reimbursement. Through the Horizons portal, you can review employee status and payroll at any time.

Frequently asked questions

When choosing a global EOR solution you should ask the following questions: 

  • 1. Does the EOR offer services in all countries you wish to hire in?
  • 2. Does the EOR support your particular industry?
  • 3. Does the EOR have a user-friendly platform?
  • 4. Is the EOR the most cost-effective option for your needs?

Sometimes the term PEO is used to describe a company that supports clients in HR and payroll tasks, but does not become the legal employer. 

When applied internationally, the terms ‘global EOR’ and ‘global PEO’ are generally used interchangeably. 

Yes. When you switch from a payroll to an EOR solution, the employees cease to be employees of your entity, and will become employees of the EOR. 

Requirements of your organization, we’re able to connect you to suitably qualified, bilingual professionals across all industry verticals.

With a focus on multi-country expansion, Horizons has a far-reaching database of globally-minded professionals. Many of our candidates are proficient or fluent in business-level English and a large proportion are bilingual. The majority of our candidates are also familiar with international working environments.

Our strategic approach to global recruitment, combined with our retained search service, ensures we only connect you to the most qualified, highly skilled professionals.