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Hire, manage, and pay your global workforce effortlessly with our platform. Available in 180+ countries.

3,000+ organizations are hiring in over 180 countries with Horizons

Employer of Record

Horizons offers EOR in 180+ countries with seamless payroll, tax, and compliance solutions.

Contractor Management

Hire and pay international contractors compliantly, automating processes on one platform.

International Recruitment

We find and onboard top talent for your positions, ensuring a perfect match and streamlined hiring.

Best in Class Employer of Record

Hire, manage, and pay employees through our EOR platform in 180+ countries. Enjoy seamless onboarding and expert HR support.

In-House International Recruitment

Our in-house recruitment team sources international talent, to match exceptional candidates to your organization.

How it works

Our platform allows you to hire full-time global talent and contractors effortlessly in just three simple steps.

Access an unlimited talent
pool with Horizons

Access a global talent pool and confidently hire employees in over 180 countries using our solutions and expert knowledge.

EOR, contractor, talent acquisition
available in 180+ countries

Discover a comprehensive platform that addresses all your global workforce needs.

Horizons stands out as the only Employer of Record with an integrated recruitment team. This provides us with a comprehensive solution that is invaluable when facing unexpected staff turnover. Their competitive pricing, with no hidden fees, sets them apart from other providers and ensures cost-effectiveness for our global payroll operations. We highly recommend Horizons for their exceptional local HR expertise and innovative approach to managing a global workforce.

Raymond Ro
Associate Dean of Business at NYU

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