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Let us find and onboard top talent for your open positions.

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Hire full-time employees in 24 hours, in 180+ countries.

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Onboard, pay, and manage contractors without misclassification risks.

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Our recruitment team sources international talent, leveraging innovative sourcing strategies to match exceptional candidates to your organization.

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Explore our comprehensive global HR guide to effortlessly navigate employment regulations in over 180 countries. Learn all you need to know about taxes, leave, benefits, and more to hire and manage employees worldwide.

Horizons stands out as the only Employer of Record with an integrated recruitment team. This provides us with a comprehensive solution that is invaluable when facing unexpected staff turnover. Their competitive pricing, with no hidden fees, sets them apart from other providers and ensures cost-effectiveness for our global payroll operations. We highly recommend Horizons for their exceptional local HR expertise and innovative approach to managing a global workforce.

Raymond Ro
Associate Dean of Business at NYU