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Sweden Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Sweden recruitment and compliance to hire the top talent for your expansion to Sweden

Hiring employees in Sweden

When expanding any business to Sweden, an important step will generally be to hire locally. However, Sweden recruitment can be complex for those organizations that are not familiar with the process, which can cause issues with compliance.

At Horizons, our expansion specialists are here to guide your business through the process of Sweden recruitment and provide bespoke outsourcing solutions for all of your recruitment needs. Our team will help you to find, hire, and onboard your workforce in Sweden, compliantly and effectively, even if you don’t have an official subsidiary in Sweden.

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Sweden hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Sweden recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Sweden expansion.

How to find and recruit employees in Sweden

Sourcing the best employees as part of your Sweden recruitment drive can take time as competition can be strong for the best talent. However, the country’s high-quality education system means there are a significant number of well-educated, skilled workers available if you know where to look. Firstly, it can be a good idea to use traditional methods for sourcing employees, such as advertising in newspapers and building a network of professionals to seek recommendations, for example by attending conferences and networking events. However, most businesses also now use the internet as their primary recruitment tool, including social platforms for professionals such as LinkedIn, or dedicated job sites such as Monster.

Discrimination regulations for hiring in Sweden

In line with most other European countries, Sweden has a range of strict laws prohibiting discrimination against employees and during the Sweden recruitment process. It is illegal for employers to discriminate against candidates based on their gender, age, religion, ethnicity, disabilities, and so on.

It is crucial to be vigilant of these rules during recruitment in order to avoid disputes and possible legal action. Hiring expert help, such as the experts at Horizons, can help you to understand the regulations and avoid any issues.

Onboarding staff in Sweden

When onboarding employees as part of your Sweden recruitment, there are no fixed rules, so you can follow whatever strategy works for you. However, we strongly advise following a few general guidelines such as writing up a detailed employment contract to avoid misunderstandings. You should also always provide adequate training for new workers and explain the company culture/rules to them in their first few days. Finally, it is often good practice to send company representatives to Sweden to assist with the onboarding process.

Compliance for Sweden recruitment

Employees in Sweden are protected by relatively extensive regulations, so compliance for employers can be difficult. For example, all employees are entitled to vacation leave, paid sick leave, maximum working hours, overtime pay, and more. For more details, visit our Sweden PEO page.