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Refer your network to Horizons for EOR services and receive a $200 USD gift card

Refer Horizons and help your network hire globally - compliantly

How can horizons support my network?

International HR services from experts on the ground.

When you refer your network to Horizons, you’re able to support them to hire global talents quickly, cost-effectively, and in full compliance with local laws.

Where can Horizons hire?

Horizons operates in 180+ countries.

Hire employees in nearly every country globally.

Horizons can help with local recruitment, global mobility, and local employee benefits.

What's in it for me?

When you refer a new client to Horizons, you become eligible for $200 USD in Amazon gift cards for each referral.

Please note that the $200 referral fee is per successful onboarding, so the more companies you refer to Horizons, the more you earn.

What is considered a new client?

‘New client’ refers to companies that Horizons has not yet had any contact with. 

‘New client’ refers to client companies, not client employees. For example, if you refer a client and they hire five employees through Horizons, it still counts as one referral.

I have a contact who wants to hire internationally. How can I refer them?

To refer your contact to Horizons and qualify for the gift card, you can fill out the contact form below.

How will I receive my gift card?

After the client signs the agreement and onboards at least one employee, we will contact you to inquire about your country of residence. We will then issue a digital Amazon or JD.com gift card specific for your region.

Your network is in good hands with Horizons

When you refer your network to Horizons, you support your network to become successful on a global scale. By combining our resources, we enable your network to fast-track their compliant international operations. 

You referral can expect the following from Horizons:

Client-focused workflows

With Horizons, the client is always #1. You can be assured that when you refer to Horizons, your clients are well taken care of and satisfied.

Dedicated account manager

Each client of Horizons has a dedicated account manager, available to answer any employment-related questions.

Global Capabilities

With our entities in 180+ countries worldwide, your referrals can take their business abroad and quickly hire and pay their global workforce.

Intuitive Workforce Tech

Through our integrated HR & payroll tech, your referrals can easily manage expenses & track time securely and without error.

In-Country Expertise

Our team of in-country expansion specialists are on hand to provide your referrals with the support they need, whenever they need it.

Client satisfaction

Horizons' clients are satisfied—visit our G2 page to see what our clients say. When you refer to Horizons, we will take care of your referrals.

Global Payroll Solutions

With our tailored payroll solutions, your referrals can enjoy the confidence of accurate, on-time global payroll and benefits—whereever they are.

Ongoing Compliance

Horizons absorbs risks and legal liability relating to employment. This adds protection for your referrals, ensuring they maintain full compliance with local labor laws.

Refer to Horizons

Earn your $200 gift card by referring new clients.

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