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Horizons vs Safeguard Global

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Hiring employees overseas can save your business time and money, and give you access to whole new business markets. Here we compare Horizons and Safeguard Global — two of the top-rated global Employers of Record (EOR) — and explain why Horizons is the best option for quick and cost-effective overseas hire.

Hire anywhere

Hire employees in 180+ countries worldwide.

No entity required

With Horizons EOR, hire in hours instead of months.

Stop overpaying

We fill all local HR duties so you save on hiring costs.

Why Choose Horizons?

Why Choose Horizons over Safeguard Global

1. Better value

$299+ for a premium global hiring solution. Safeguard Global hides its prices, but is reported to charge double.

2. Local expertise

We cover 180+ countries and have experts on the ground in places where Safeguard Global doesn’t. 

3. We put people first

We’re not just an HR platform, our customers get 1-on-1 support from dedicated staff.


Why Horizons?

Horizons is a leading Employer of Record (EOR) platform, supporting employee hire in 180+ countries.

Horizons has professionals on the ground all over the world, and add-on HR services such as contractor hire, recruitment and visa support.

Horizons prices start from $299 per employee per month.

Why hire with Horizons

Best of Both Worlds

With Horizon, you get the perfect blend of sophisticated software and hands-on support. You’ll never have to choose between technology and personalized service again.

we make global hiring easy and cost-effective

Horizons vs Safeguard Global: Differences Summarized

While Horizons and Safeguard Global have some similarities, when you compare the service offerings, it is clear why Horizons comes out on top.




From $299

Safeguard Global


Countries covered180+170+
Contractor hiring option
Pricing transparency

Prices listed on Horizons website. No hidden fees

Does not list its pricing anywhere

Entities in each country?

Through a full-stack infrastructure of wholly-owned legal entities

Through a full-stack infrastructure of wholly-owned legal entities

Customer support

Local offices, true legal & HR experts in each location, lightning-fast customer support

Generic customer support queue

Same level of service in each location?
With a single point of contact, consistent high-quality service is guaranteed

Working with multiple third parties, service is patchy and variable
Centralized communication for fast support?
If there are any issues, Horizons alone handles it, immediately

Support depends on third parties leading to substantial delays
G2 Rating 4.9


PricingFrom $299 per employeeSafeguard Global does not disclose its pricing, but it is reported to be double what Horizons charges

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