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Horizons vs. WorkMotion

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Hiring employees overseas can save your business time and money, and give you access to whole new business markets. Here we compare Horizons and WorkMotion — two of the top-rated global Employers of Record (EOR) — and explain why Horizons is the best option for quick and cost-effective overseas hire.

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Hire employees in 180+ countries worldwide.

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With Horizons EOR, hire in hours instead of months.

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We fill all local HR duties so you save on hiring costs.

Why Choose Horizons?

Why to Choose Horizons over WorkMotion

1. Better value

$ 299+ for a premium global hiring solution instead of WorkMotion’s $599+.

2. Local expertise

We cover 180+ countries and have experts on the ground in places where WorkMotion doesn’t.

3. A full-stack hiring solution

From talent acquisition, to hire and onboarding, Horizons supports it all. WorkMotion doesn’t support recruitment or contractor hire. 


Why Horizons?

Horizons is a leading Employer of Record (EOR) platform, supporting employee hire in 180+ countries.

Horizons has professionals on the ground all over the world, and add-on HR services such as contractor hire, recruitment and visa support.

Horizons prices start from $299 per employee per month.


Why WorkMotion?

WorkMotion is a relatively new international EOR supporting companies with hiring in 160+ countries around the world.

WorkMotion have a focused EOR solution for onboarding, payroll and HR management. 

WorkMotion’s EOR solution starts from €599+ per month per employee. 

we make global hiring easy and cost-effective

Horizons vs WorkMotion: Differences Summarized

While Horizons and WorkMotion have some similarities, when you compare the service offerings, it is clear why Horizons comes out on top.



From 299 USD
per employee / month


From 599 USD
per employee / month

Countries covered180+160+
Contractor hiring option
Recruitment support
Entities in each country?

Through a full-stack infrastructure of wholly-owned legal entities

Relies mainly on 3rd party vendors 

Customer supportLocal offices, true legal & HR experts in each location, lightning-fast customer supportGeneric customer support queue
PricingFrom $299 per employee, per monthFrom $599 per employee, per month

Horizons vs WorkMotion: Capabilities

How does international hiring with Horizons or WorkMotion work? Here we look in detail at how both providers work, and explain where Horizons comes out on top.

01. Employer of Record

Horizons and WorkMotion are both global Employers of Record, offering cost-effective international hiring services. Both become the legal employer of your overseas hires and ensure compliance when onboarding local employees and processing payroll. 

They both offer wide coverage, with Horizons enabling companies to hire employees in over 180 countries and WorkMotion supporting hire in 160+ countries. 

Horizons prices for EOR services start from $299 per employee, per month. WorkMotion’s prices start at per employee, per month. 

02. Contractor hire and management

Companies looking for assistance with short-term or project-based work often prefer to engage independent contractors rather than hire full time employees. While Horizons enables client partners to hire & pay contractors in over 180 countries, WorkMotion does not have a contractor management or payment service.  

Horizons in-country legal and HR experts can assist with drafting robust contracts for your freelancers and contractors, contractor invoicing and contractor payment in any location.

03. Customer focus

Both Horizons and WorkMotion provide customer support to deal with any issues that arise during hiring and onboarding. However, some WorkMotion users have reported difficulties with getting in touch with WorkMotion, with the company even admitting to one customer, “We did not have the resources to respond adequately to you at the time.”

Horizons is the people-first Employer of Record, and we pride ourselves on never letting our customers down. 

04. Payroll processing

Horizons and WorkMotion process payroll for client companies through their Employer of Record solutions. They pay employees in the relevant local currency, withhold essential taxes and social contributions, and deal with the relevant authorities in each legal jurisdiction. Both Horizons and WorkMotion can also handle all benefits administration on behalf of client companies. 

05. Talent acquisition

Horizons is one of the few global Employers of Record that sources talent for client companies. Horizons’ recruitment services and extensive local networks can source qualified talent in 180+ countries around the world. 

WorkMotion does not support recruitment/talent acquisition, and can only onboard and hire employees that have been independently sourced. 

06. Hire in 180+ countries with Horizons

With prices starting from $299 per employee, per month, Horizons is the best value EOR solution on the market today. Get in touch to find out how you can onboard your global team within the next 24 hours.

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