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Compliance for global employee hire

Ensure that your international hiring, HR and payroll complies with local laws and regulations.

Market-leading compliance expertise

Many companies struggle to stay on top of all the labor law and tax requirements when hiring employees internationally.  For example, employment contracts must be compliant with local laws in every country of hire. And every employee must be onboarded with the correct payment details and social contributions (such as pensions and public health insurance).

Horizons handles all your employment compliance, leaving you to focus on core business.

In-house legal team

Our robust legal team works daily to maintain local and international compliance.

World-class finance team

Our finance team ensures local financial compliance, wherever you are hiring in the world.

Powerful HR platform

Horizons secure, easy-to-use HR platform keeps data safe in compliance with GDPR.

Safeguard your company with the appropriate contracts

Labor contracts need to be localized to each location. This protects your employees, and protects your business from liability:

Edit & sign online

Review & sign all employment contracts online with the Horizons platform.

Become compliant

All contracts have been drafted by our in-house legal team – all contracts are compliant.

Receive advice

We can anticipate legal complications and provide advice specific to your project.

Onboard employees the right way

As well as labor contracts, there are a range of things that must be in place when hiring and paying internationally, including:

Tax documentation

for all employees and contractors.

Compliant processes

for withholding and remitting income and payroll taxes.

Audit-ready records

to easily pass local or international audits.

Horizons supports compliance

Protect yourself from liability

As the Employer of Record, Horizons becomes responsible for making sure your employees are hired and paid in compliance with the law. 

Pay employees compliantly

To hire & pay employees in compliance with the law includes three key points:

Taxes & contributions

Ensure all taxes, social contributions, and deductions are being processed accurately.

Benefits administration

Take care of all local benefits, including health insurance and remote work allowances.

Payroll documentation

Keep records of all payroll and payment documentation for all HR compliance.

Frequently asked questions

All data collected by Horizons are processed in according to GDPR principles outlined in article 5.1 of the GDPR

This compliance is achieved through executing our Data Processing Agreement, and any additional agreements needed depending on the locations of the client and employee.

When you engage Horizons to hire internationally, we become the Employer of Record for your international employee.

Since Horizons is the legal employer, we are responsible for paying all local taxes and social contributions for your employee. We provide itemized payslips each month which show the contribution percentages and amounts.

Contact us! We will review your case and provide feedback about whether your hiring project is compliant to move forward.

Horizons can provide contractor management services as well as full-time employee hiring services.

When deciding between hiring your staff as a contractor or as an employee, keep in mind employee misclassification risks

Contact us and we can go over your case together.