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Efficiently pay employees across 180+ countries, guaranteeing swift and accurate transactions in each currency, all managed through an automated payroll platform.

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Horizons manages payroll for companies in more than 180 countries and regions. With our all-in-one payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) solution, you can streamline your international payroll and ensure local legal compliance.

Why choose the Horizons 
global payroll solution?

On time payment

We guarantee that all paychecks, severance payments, and fringe benefits are processed on time, and paid to your employees on the scheduled date.

Local payroll support

With offices around the world, local payroll experts will provide personalized support and advice, no matter where you are based 

Contractor payment

Our team of experts handle both contractor and employee pay. With our contractor support services, we ensure compliant invoicing and payments. 

Local Compliance
Our dedicated HR team is always up to date on payroll and labor laws around the globe, so your company can stay compliant at all times.
Proven results
From startups to multinational and publicly traded companies, our global payroll solutions enable efficient and compliant payment management for all types of businesses.
Central contact
We offer centralized services to help you coordinate your global payroll through a single point of contact.

What are global payroll solutions?

Global payroll solutions ensure that employees and contractors are paid correctly in every country in the world.  

Horizons supports global payroll as part of its global Professional Employer Organization (global PEO) solution. Through this solution, also known as ‘Employer of Record‘ or ‘EOR’, Horizons becomes the legal employer for a client company’s employees around the world. We manage payroll, deducts the required taxes and social security contributions, and act as an “employer of record” for tax authorities and other regulatory bodies. 

What is the payment solution for freelancers?

Sometimes companies prefer to hire international subcontractors instead of having employees on the payroll. For these cases, Horizons offers a payment service for freelancers.

With our contractor payment solution, we ensure that all contractors are paid efficiently and in full compliance with the law. We take care of currency issues and ensure that invoicing complies with local tax laws.

We also advise on whether the employment of a contractor could be considered misclassification of an employee (“employee misclassification”) under local tax and labor laws.

Advantages of using Horizons' global payroll solutions

Using a global payroll solution to pay your international team offers a number of benefits. These include:

1. A partner for global payroll

If your teams are spread across multiple countries, or you want them to be, your company would normally need to deploy payroll staff at each location. 

With global payroll solutions, you have a single partner to manage and distribute payroll and benefits for all international locations. You pay a single monthly invoice, while we make all payments to international employees.

2. Legally compliant payroll and employee benefits administration

Strict laws and regulations apply to employee payroll. Moreover, these laws vary significantly from country to country. For example, there is no standard method for withholding payroll taxes and social contributions, and each country takes a slightly different approach. 

With Horizons’ payroll solution, you can ensure that employee payroll and benefits administration is done in full compliance with local laws.

A Horizons global payroll solution is the best way to ensure you are not hit with back taxes, interest and penalties from regulators for non-compliance.

3. Cost reductions

Managing payroll and benefits is a specialized task. This means that in most cases, it is cheaper to hire a specialist like Horizons than to manage payroll yourself. 

With Horizons, our global PEO and payroll outsourcing solutions save you up to 85 percent of the cost.

4. Competitive fringe benefits

A key component of global payroll, in addition to distributing payments to employees and contractors, is managing employee fringe benefits, such as health insurance and pension funds. 

As a payroll expert, Horizons has access to competitive fringe benefits that are typically not available to foreign companies.

5. Optimized financial planning

Payroll laws typically require that employees be paid in their local currency according to established pay periods (e.g., biweekly or monthly). 

For international companies, managing payments in multiple countries at different times becomes a problem due to currency fluctuations. With our global payroll solutions, you make one payment in one currency each month, and Horizons takes care of the rest.

Step-by-step payroll guide

When you choose a global payroll solution with Horizons, the process is typically as follows.

1. Confirm payroll strategy

Horizons will discuss with you the best payroll approach for your company. Usually, this will be part of a global PEO/EOR solution where Horizons becomes the legal employer of your international employees. 

2. Sign contract

Your company and Horizons enter into a contract that specifies the terms and conditions of the proposed service.

3. We onboard employees and implement the payroll solution

After onboarding employees with compliant employment contracts, we collect basic payroll information for each employee, such as personal information and tax numbers, as well as the desired payment methods. 

4. We manage payroll

Payrolls are sent to all employees on a regular basis and according to an agreed schedule. All significant social security contributions and taxes are recorded and withheld as appropriate. 

5. We stay in contact with the authorities

We submit the required reports and declarations to the tax and labor authorities in each country where you are located. 

6. We process payroll for departing employees

We ensure that final pay, benefits, vacation entitlements and taxes are properly accounted for for all employees who leave, regardless of whether it is a termination or voluntary departure.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. In addition to international payroll solutions, Horizons can recruit and hire employees with your support. In this way, we become the ‘Employer of Record’ for your workforce abroad.

Horizons provides global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions for companies expanding abroad. This means that Horizons can act as an employer for your employees abroad. As part of this service, Horizons processes and manages payroll for your international workforce.
If you choose us as your global PEO, we are usually responsible for withholding all employee payroll and income taxes and filing the required returns with the tax authorities.

Horizons not only takes care of the payroll itself, but also all mandatory employer contributions and employee fringe benefits. Depending on the country, this may include contributions to insurance schemes, pension schemes and workers’ compensation. 

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