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Corporate Responsibility

Our responsibilities

At Horizons, we take our responsibilities as a corporation seriously. As part of that Corporate Responsibility, we understand that our business makes an impact on the environment, on our clients, and on our own staff. As such, we have committed ourselves to upholding certain guiding principles to ensure that the impact we make is as positive as possible.

Our environment

The team at Horizons believes that corporations have a fundamental responsibility towards the environment, and that our obligations extend not only to those we may impact now, but also those generations that we will impact in future.
We have pledged:
  • To develop and maintain environmental best practices in all aspects of our business
  • To support our staff in making sustainability a key part of their personal and professional lives
  • To minimize waste by making environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions and recycling and reusing wherever possible

Our clients

Those who trust us with their business are placed at the very heart of everything that we do at Horizons. Every member of our team recognizes and values the trust that our clients place in us, and it is a deep respect of that trust that drives our exceptional client service standards.
We have pledged:
  • To treat our clients’ businesses, brands, and staff with the same exceptionally high standards that we treat our own
  • To strive for excellence in every service that we provide
  • To maintain open and honest dialogues that furnish our clients with reliability and transparency

Our staff

We understand that the success of our company depends entirely on the people who work hard every single day to ensure that that success becomes a reality. We are a friendly, close-knit, and supportive team that strives to bring out the very best in our colleagues.
We have pledged:
  • To lead our company with honesty, integrity, and humility.
  • To create a working environment that celebrates diversity, encourages individualism, and rewards innovation
  • To treat each member of our team with respect, kindness, and understanding regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religious affiliations, language, political views, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about our Corporate Responsibility commitments, please get in touch with the team.