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What are the standard working hours in Australia?

The standing working hours is a maximum 38 hour a week for those employed on a fixed permanent full time contract.

What are the standard working days in Australia?

The standard working days in Australia are Monday to Friday.

How many hours can you work per week in Australia?

On a full-time permanent employment contract, employees are expected to work 38 hours per week. Employers can request employees to work a reasonable amount of overtime, however employees have the right to deny any request to work overtime. 

How many hours is part-time work in Australia?

Part time employees work less than 38 hours per week, for which the hours they work are consistent each week.

How many hours is overtime in Australia?

Under Australian labour law, if an employee is asked to work more than the maximum time of 38 hours per week then they have to be compensated. This can be in the form of overtime pay for any extra hours worked or paid time off. Overtime pay rates equate to:

  • 150% of the salary for the first 3 hours overtime or 1.5 hour of paid time off.
  • 200% of the salary for every hour after 3 hours or 2 hours paid time off

So if an employee is asked to work a total of 9 extra hours on any given week, then they will be entitled to 3 hours at a rate of 150% of their hourly salary, and 6 hours at 200% of their hourly salary rate. If paid time off is requested instead, they will be entitled to 5.5 hours of paid time off. If an employee is asked to work on a Sunday then the standard rate is 200% of their salary hourly rate for all hours worked.

Is it illegal to work on the weekend in Australia?

It is not illegal to work on the weekend in Australia if it is agreed upon in an employment contract and if the employer pays the required award wage for weekend hours.

Does Australia have a four-day work?

Australia does not have any laws that offer the right to employees to work a 4 days’ work week. However, Australia is currently piloting a 4 day work week in certain companies based on the UK programme 4 Day Week Global.

Hiring in Australia, Made Easy

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There is no maximum of overtime annually in Australia. If extra overtime hours are agreed upon between an employer and employee, then there is no limit unless it begins to affect the employee in a negative manner. Employees can reject the request to work overtime with no consequences.

Overtime rates vary depending on how many hours over the maximum limit of 38 hours per week the employee works. Employees can choose to be compensated through overtime pay or through accruing extra paid time off. For employees who work up to 3 hours of overtime, they are entitled to 150% of their usual hourly salary rate or 1.5 hours of paid time off. For any hours worked after 3 hours then employees are entitled to 200% per hour thereafter.

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