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    What is the average salary in Australia?

    The average salary in Australia varies by industry and location. However as of 2022, the weekly average salary was $1769.80, or $92,029 per year.

    What is the average salary in Canberra?

    The average salary in Canberra is higher than in other major cities in Australia. As of 2022, the average annual salary was $103,152. This rate is due to the large population of public service employees and high level officials that attract higher salaries.

    Are there regional variations in the Australia average wage?

    There are regional variations in average salaries around Australia. These differences are based on differences in the state’s main industry. For example, based on statistics by the ABS, Western Australia has a higher average salary than other states. This is influenced by the large mining industry which attract higher salaries. There are also slight differences in salaries between men and women across the country.

    How does the average salary in Australia compare to surrounding countries?

    Australia has some of the highest salaries in the world. This makes the averages higher in comparison to the surrounding countries. New Zealand enjoys a similar sentiment when it comes to wages. High salaries in the region are attributed to Australia’s high cost of living. Many surrounding countries have considerably lower living costs.

    Average salary in Australia based on Industry

    Figures based on data from Paylab.

    What is the average salary for tech workers in Australia?

    The average salary of an informational technology (IT) worker is around $105,600 annually. Here are some specific roles with the average salary.

    • Systems Administrator: $100,008
    • Front End Developer: $110,000
    • Back End Developer: $140,000
    • Full Stack Developer: $120,000
    • Data Analyst: $104,125

    What is the average salary for engineers in Australia?

    The average salary for the various types of engineering roles is around $111,021. Here are some more specific average salaries for different types of engineers in Australia.

    • Chemical Engineer: $91,382
    • Electrical Engineer: $110,704
    • Mining Engineer: $150,000
    • Software Engineer: $120,000
    • Mechanical Engineer: $112,371

    What is the average salary for salespeople in Australia?

    A marketing or sales professional can attract an average salary of around $93,210. Some average salaries for some common roles in this industry include:

    • Sales account manager: $85,000
    • Sales Associate: $59,250
    • Sales Manager: $100,005
    • Marketing Analyst: $96,600
    • Digital marketing: $84,916

    Bonus awards and commission based work is common in this industry. This varies based on experience.

    What is the average salary for my industry in Australia?

    Here are some average yearly salaries for some other common sectors in Australia.

    • Roles within Accounting, HR or Administration: $89,824
    • Roles within Architecture or interior design: $82,417
    • Roles within the Banking industry: $97,750
    • Roles within the education sector: $96,931
    • Roles within construction industry: $86,343
    • Service industry: $59,021
    • Healthcare industry: $103,420
    • Hospitality industry: $83,903
    • Law enforcement and Security industry: $81,453
    • Legal industry: $92,501
    • Roles within Science: $104,700

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    You will find lower salaries in regional towns given there is no major industry operating. In terms of the state with the lowest average salaries, Tasmanian employees attract average salaries on the lower end of the scale with the mainland states. When hiring overseas, 

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