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Bulgaria Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Bulgaria recruitment and compliance to ensure you can hire the best employees for your expansion

Hiring employees in Bulgaria

If your company is planning to expand to Bulgaria, you may need to recruit part of your workforce locally. However, the Bulgaria recruitment process can be difficult if you’re new to the country, with the language barrier, employment laws, and the country’s business culture to navigate.

At Horizons, our global expansion consultants can support you through the recruitment process and offer outsourcing solutions to manage your hiring in Bulgaria for you. With our support, you can find, hire, and onboard employees in Bulgaria and ensure full compliance with the nation’s unique laws, even if you don’t have an entity in the country.

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Bulgaria hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Bulgaria recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Bulgaria expansion.

Where to find employees in Bulgaria

Despite the country’s relatively small economy, Bulgaria has a solid pool of skilled and well-educated workers, particularly in the capital of Sofia. Therefore, most organizations should have no problems finding a strong workforce, regardless of the industry. Traditional methods, like advertising in newspapers and magazines or attending specialized networking events, can work well, but online recruitment is usually the simplest way to start. There are several popular online job websites, including Jobs and Zaplata, although there are many more examples. Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn are also useful.

Discrimination rules for Bulgaria recruitment

The anti-discrimination laws governing recruitment in Bulgaria are broadly the same as those in other European countries. As an employer, it is illegal to discriminate against candidates based on their disabilities, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, and more.

You could face significant legal trouble if you are found to breach these laws, so you must always be sure to avoid discriminatory language in your interviews and job adverts, as well as in the workplace with your existing employees.

Onboarding staff in Bulgaria

The process of onboarding and training staff varies depending on the individual preferences of the company in question. You are essentially free to choose whatever methods you think most suitable, but we do recommend following some basic guidelines. For instance, you should provide a detailed, written employment contract for every worker and give them the chance to go through it with you to ask questions. Additionally, you should offer a training and orientation period to familiarize new recruits with the business, its culture, and their new coworkers.

Compliance laws for employers in Bulgaria

Bulgarian employment law grants all workers a number of entitlements to ensure good working conditions and to prevent exploitation, For example, you must provide mandatory minimum wage, vacation leave, maternity leave, sick pay, and pay overtime when necessary. For further details of entitlements for employees in Bulgaria, explore our Bulgaria PEO page.