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China Recruitment Agency

We make it simple to recruit, hire, and onboard China's top talent

Strategic recruitment and talent search in China

Horizons’ China recruitment agency specializes in the strategic recruitment of high-level talent to drive your expansion throughout China and beyond.

To ensure a seamless expansion into China, it is paramount that your business quickly and cost-effectively connects with top talent. By partnering with our China recruitment agency, you’re able to hire and onboard the very best people for the job. This is essential for:

  • Minimizing project delays
  • Keeping costs down
  • Maintaining optimal productivity
  • Building innovation and a strong company culture


To support your business to meet these objectives, Horizons’ China recruitment agency works closely with hiring managers and potential candidates in developing a tailored recruitment strategy. This ensures you partner with the very best talent who can drive your business forward.

Horizons' China recruitment agency

China Expertise
With our headquarters and major partners in China, our knowledge of the Chinese marketplace is unparalleled. And with our entities in more than 150 countries worldwide, we bring a truly global perspective to China recruitment.
Tailored Recruitment Solutions
Our China recruitment specialists take the time to understand your expansion needs before formulating an optimal candidate profile. This assists us to source, assess, and put forward the most suitably qualified professionals.
Post Placement Support

After executing the hire, we support new employees to successfully transition into your business. Through our Global PEO, we onboard staff members and manage payroll, benefits, labor contracts, and employment compliance.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries.

Recruitment services in China that give you a competitive edge

Horizons’ China recruitment agency supports your business through each phase of the recruitment life cycle. No matter what role you need filled, we’re able to meticulously identify, assess, and put forward suitably qualified local and international candidates. Our experience as a global innovator enables us to provide a full suite of expansion solutions for companies navigating the Chinese market. This has allowed us to break down the barriers to expansion and assist forward-thinking companies – from SMEs to large businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises – to achieve their global ambitions.

Our China recruitment agency lets you maximize your cost savings

At Horizons, our China recruitment agency provides businesses with a host of specialist recruitment, payroll, and HR services. These include: 

  • Competitive benefits packages to attract and retain top talent
  • Onboarding, induction, and orientation meetings
  • Comprehensive safety orientations for new hires
  • Workplace training protocols – including safety training
  • Accurate, on-time, compliant global payroll and tax withholding
  • Contractor care service consulting
  • Client service consulting
  • Dedicated compliance and risk management support services

Contingent labor sourcing

Horizons’ China recruitment agency works closely alongside your business to determine your needs and deliver high-quality candidates from our global pool of talent. 

Workforce consolidation program

Our workforce consolidation program (WCP) reduces the time-constraints and costs associated with contingent labor. This allows your business to increase its efficiency by fostering cohesive management and payroll structures. 

Master vendor program

Horizons’ master vendor program (MVP) supports your business through a customized vendor management program, leading to improved workplace efficiencies. 

Professional search: connecting you with high-level talent

Horizons’ team of China headhunters connect your organization with the world’s top talent. No matter how niche the position is that you need filled, we’re able to utilize our global network of business connections and enhanced local search capabilities to ensure you find the right person for the job. 

Engaged search

Engaged Search is a solutions-based approach to recruitment in which we search, identify, and provide qualified candidates for our client companies. We offer engaged search to clients that are typically seeking to appoint roles that are technical or managerial in nature. At Horizons, our China headhunters adopt a consultative and methodical approach to connect you with high-caliber candidates across all industries.

Retained search

Horizons offers a retained search service, customized for organizations that prioritize value – as opposed to a fast recruitment process. Our retained search utilizes a specialist platform of industry knowledge and bespoke selection methodology. For businesses that are seeking to fill high-level roles internationally, a retained search service is the most effective recruitment model to adopt. 

Multi-hire campaigns

If your business is seeking to hire a large number of staff, our China recruitment agency supports you to quickly and cost-effectively source, hire, and onboard your new workforce. 

Executive search delivered by our China recruitment agency

We understand that the key to your recruitment in China is attracting and retaining leadership teams on which to grow your business. These positions are essential, as they enable your business to achieve your financial and strategical objectives. Horizons’ China recruitment agency provides executive search functions to connect your business with C-suite leaders across all industry verticals.

Outsourced and managed services

At Horizons, our managed solutions enable businesses to effectively streamline their workforce operations. This is achieved by:
  • Recruiting and mobilizing across multi-faceted teams 
  • Technology integration
  • Strengthening supply-chain management procedures

Talent mapping, recruitment marketing, and employer branding

If you’re searching for support on market rates for your employees, our China recruitment agency ensures you maintain full compliance, whilst attracting and retaining top global talent. Additionally, our expansion experts guide your business on strategies to bolster the efficiency of your recruitment in China spending.

Our China recruitment agency supports your business in the following areas:

  • Talent mapping, market research and analysis, and rate competitiveness
  • Full-scale HR strategies to identify your long-term acquisition and workforce planning objectives
  • Optimizing your employee value proposition, which informs you to successfully promote your company’s culture

Talent mapping

Through our China recruitment agency, our talent mapping offers accurate market intelligence on niche disciplines within your region of expansion. This enables your business to minimize costs and reduce time-delays – without compromising your daily operations. 

Compensation and benefits studies

We conduct in-depth studies to identify market trends and highlight foreseeable impacts on your employee’s quality of work. Through a detailed recruitment in China evaluation, we support your business to offer employees the most competitive compensation and benefits – in accordance with local labor guidelines. 

Employee value proposition

Horizons’ China recruitment agency assists clients to enhance their employer brand by helping them to identify where they sit within the local marketplace. Our China headhunters utilize employee/candidate surveys, recruitment marketing campaigns, and perception studies to enable businesses to create the most effective employee value proposition. 

The Horizons advantage

Horizons’ China recruitment agency enables your company to source qualified candidates – from entry level positions to middle management and executive level talent. Our recruitment specialists understand the unique complexities of the Chinese market and know what it takes for international businesses to successfully grow their operations in China.

Through our China PEO & Employer of Record service (Professional Employer Organization), Horizons assists your business to begin trading in China, without the burden of establishing a local entity. This not only allows you to fast-track your expansion into China, it can also save you thousands in traditional expansion costs.

Depending on your business requirements, Horizons can act as your employees’ Employer of Record. Through this service, we handle all matters of employment and tax compliance, local and international recruitment, global payroll and benefits, and immigration and visa support.

This allows you to focus on growing your operations in China, whilst maintaining full control over your workforce.