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Company Registration in Indonesia

Establish a foreign entity in Indonesia efficiently and compliantly.

Streamline your company incorporation in Indonesia

Our comprehensive end-to-end solution will help your company to establish a legal entity in Indonesia. We provide a strategic approach by enabling our clients the ability to retain the same quality of legal compliance as their own in-country subsidiaries.

Horizons is Indonesia’s most trusted incorporation partner to foreign clients. This expertise allows businesses to establish local entities efficiently, reliably, and compliantly.

Streamline your entity setup

Company Incorporation

Our team of in-country experts work alongside local governments to handle the bulk of the incorporation process. This saves you valuable time and money.

Advisory Services

Our highly-skilled advisors will manage all of your monthly corporate services. This includes your bookkeeping, financial planning, and accounting.

Local HR Department

You can rely on the support of our local Human Resources department for reliable and compliant guidance for your entire entity setup.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries.

Our approach to company incorporation in Indonesia

Indonesia offers a lucrative opportunity to create and manage a local company of your own. We can work with you to identify a company structure that best aligns with your in-country strategy and long-term development plans.

By partnering with Horizons, we’ll help you manage your company’s end-to-end incorporation. This includes:

  • Handling payroll setup and registration.
  • Once incorporation is complete, we transition employees from their current employment status – under our PEO – into that of your company.
  • Overseeing the same benefits your company has been providing to your foreign employees under the ownership of your new subsidiary.
  • Gathering local employment contracts and legally mandated materials for the establishment of your new entity.
  • Strategic guidance in matters concerning contract negotiations with employees.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited liability companies in Indonesia can be 100% owned by foreign investors. It is typically organized by foreign nationals and capitalized with foreign funds. This entity, referred to as Perseroan Terbatas in Indonesia, is the most common type of entity in Indonesia. This type of business structure requires a minimum of one director and two local Indonesian shareholders. This type of entity also requires one commissioner who does not need to be a resident of Indonesia. The commissioner is responsible for supervising the company, approving the budget plan the company’s board of directors completes and examining the annual report.

This type of entity requires paid up share capital. The amount of this capital depends on the size of the company, according to the following guidelines:

  • Small size company – Paid up capital between USD $3,745 to $37,435
  • Mid-sized company – Paid up capital between USD $37,435 to $748,740
  • Lage company – Paid up capital in excess of USD $748,740

This paid up capital must be deposited into the corporate bank account in Indonesia after incorporating the business. This process often involves additional steps and may take more time to establish.

Joint venture

Establishing a joint venture with a local Indonesian partner is an effective way to establish a business. This option is often used when a foreign investor wants to pair up with a company that offers a local advantage, such as an established distribution chain, government relationships client contacts or local market expertise. Partners share in the profits, losses and management of the company.

Foreign owned LLC

Limited liability companies that are partially or wholly owned and controlled by foreign investors are called Penanaman Model Asing or PMAs. These companies are governed by the Foreign Capital Investment Law and must obtain approval from the Capital Investment Coordinating Board before they can conduct business in Indonesia. Stakeholders of a PMA that is engaged in services must present an investment plan with a minimum investment of USD $1.2 million. 25% of this amount must be paid up as share capital.

This type of company must have at least one resident director, two shareholders and one commissioner. If the company is owned completely by foreign investors, its owners must sell a share of at least 5% of the company to a citizen of Indonesia or a legal entity of Indonesia within 15 years of starting up the business.

Indonesia does not impose restrictions on where this type of company can operate in the country. However, the company may be required to obtain multiple operating licenses from various government agencies, according to their intended business activity. Indonesia restricts certain business sectors from foreigners or only allow companies with partial or minority foreign ownership.

Public company

A public company in Indonesia must have a minimum of 300 shareholders and paid up capital in the amount of IDR 3 billion. These companies are subject to more stringent regulations. Indonesia does not require public companies to be listed on the country’s stock exchange.

Nominee LLC

Another option to establish a company in Indonesia is to use an Indonesia nominee. This option is often used when a business wants to quickly begin operations to secure contracts or close deals. Using a nominee LLC can also be an effective strategy to go around foreign investment restriction.

Representative office

A final option is to establish a representative office. This type of structure is subjected to significant restrictions and limits the activity the business can engage in. These companies can only conduct market research and promotional activities and serve as the country’s buying/selling agent for the parent company. Representative offices can only have an operating license for two years. The Indonesian government may impose additional operating license agreements. This type of entity is restricted to certain sectors, such as trading, services, mining, oil and gas, and banking.

Steps to register and incorporate a foreign business

The steps to register and incorporate a foreign business depend on the type of business entity you select and your industry. The professionals at Horizons can assist you with key aspects of registering and incorporating your business in Indonesia, including:

  • Obtaining standard form of company deed
  • Submitting an application to the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board
  • Applying to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for approval of the deed of establishment
  • Obtaining clearance for the company name at a bank
  • Obtaining the Building Management Domicile Certificate
  • Applying for the Certificate of Company Domicile
  • Applying for permanent business trading license
  • Obtaining company registration certificate
  • Registering with Ministry of Manpower
  • Naming an internal supervisor
  • Obtaining Certificate of Approval
  • Registering business license
  • Applying for social security, health care insurance, taxpayer registration number and VAT collection

PEO - Pre & post-incorporation services

Horizons provides companies with both pre and post-incorporation services as part of our entity setup solution.

With pre-incorporation, you can use our PEO service to immediately establish a global workforce in Indonesia while you await the completion of your company incorporation. Once the setup is complete, we will seamlessly transition your foreign employees from our international PEO directly to your company’s new subsidiary.

Our post-incorporation experts support ongoing monthly and annual compliance services in order for our clients to continue operating compliantly on-site, giving you the ability to primarily focus on local operations.

By partnering with Horizons for your company incorporation in Indonesia, you can save time and money while ensuring that the entire process will be handled efficiently, reliably, and with full compliance to local laws.