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Norway Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Norway recruitment and compliance to ensure you always have the best talent available

Hiring employees in Norway

If your organization is planning to expand to the Scandinavian nation of Norway, recruiting locally will probably be on your list of tasks. Norway recruitment can be confusing for those who haven’t gone through the process before, and you’ll need to understand the relevant laws before recruiting anybody.

Horizons’ global expansion experts support businesses through the Norway recruitment process and provide specialist outsourcing for all of your Norway hiring needs. We will help you to find, hire, and onboard your workforce in Norway, compliantly and efficiently, even if you don’t have an official entity in Norway.

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Norway hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Norway recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Norway expansion.

How to find and recruit employees in Norway

There are various effective ways to reach the attention of potential employees in Norway. Traditional methods, such as using newspapers, are still common, but the internet is arguably the most cost-effective way to reach large numbers of people.

In Norway, there are a number of popular job websites, including Arbeidsplassen and Gule Sieder, but social media platforms are also commonly used, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Discrimination regulations for hiring in Norway

Norway has a range of laws protecting potential employees from discrimination during the recruitment process. For example, during your Norway recruitment, you cannot discriminate against any potential employees based on race, age, gender, political affiliations, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, and so on. The only exceptions to these rules are when one of these characteristics prevents a candidate from doing a specific job.

In addition to the standard discrimination laws, Norway has data protection laws that prevent employers from sharing sensitive/personal data of candidates, or from inquiring about personal information unnecessarily.

Onboarding staff in Norway

The process of onboarding new employees in Norway does not generally differ substantially from that in other countries. The most important thing to bear in mind is keeping new hires comfortable and informed about your expectations.

Best practices include going over all details of an employee’s contract of employment and answering any questions they may have, giving appropriate training before expecting them to start working, and explaining the company culture to them.

Additionally, it may be advisable for relevant managers to travel to Norway for the onboarding process to give specific training and improve familiarity.

Compliance for Norway recruitment

There are various laws regulating the treatment and entitlements of employees in Norway, such as those laid out in the Employment Act (2005). These laws cover basic working conditions such as maximum working hours, overtime pay, minimum wage, sick pay, annual vacation leave, maternity leave, and so on. For more details, visit our Norway PEO page.

Horizons’ expansion experts can simplify your Norway recruitment by offering consultancy and outsourcing to simplify the process of compliance, giving you 100% confidence that you are operating in full compliance with Norway’s complex labor laws.