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The Slovak Republic, otherwise known as Slovakia, is an increasingly popular place to do business. If your business is planning an expansion into Slovakia, you will probably be aiming to build part of your workforce with foreign employees. To bring foreign workers to Slovakia, each employee will need a valid Slovakia work visa.

The Slovakian immigration and visa process can be difficult to navigate, with various kinds of visas available, a different language, complex requirements, and many other factors all causing possible delays for any employer that does not prepare appropriately.

At Horizons, our expansion experts provide a wide selection of Slovakia work visa services, immigration support, and outsourcing to give your company everything needed to expand into Slovakia with the help of the best globally sourced talent.

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Basic requirements for Slovakia work visas

Slovakia is a member of the European Union (EU), so anyone from EU or European Economic Area (EEA) countries does not need a visa to live and work there. However, any foreigners from outside the EU/EEA will need both a work visa and a work permit.

The requirements for Slovakian work permits and visas vary depending on the type of document and the person applying, but some of the basic requirements include:

  • A valid passport and passport-sized photos
  • Application forms
  • Application fees
  • Proof of funds
  • Health insurance
  • Contract of employment from a Slovakia-based employer
  • Proof of work experience/qualifications

Types of Slovakia work visas

As a member of the EU, Slovakia has standard Schengen visas. Of the various options available, the short-stay (C) and long-stay (D) visas are the most suitable for foreign employees.

In addition to a visa, foreign workers will also need a work permit and to apply for temporary residence for the purpose of employment.

How to get a Slovakian work visa and work permit

Before applying for a work permit or visa, the employer must check whether a Slovakian is available to fill the role. This can be done via the Labour Office. Once completed, either the employee or employer can start the application for the work permit at their local embassy/consulate or the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs, and Family respectively.

As well as the work permit, the employee may need a visa, which they can apply for online in advance of entering Slovakia.

Finally, the employee will need to obtain temporary residence for the purpose of employment. The application for this must be done after obtaining a work permit and in person at the individual’s local Slovakian embassy/consulate.

Other considerations

All documents submitted as part of visa/residency applications must be written in the Slovakian language, so and your employees will need to have them translated.

It is also important to note that EU/EEA nationals planning to work in Slovakia do still need to register their presence with the government when they arrive in the country.

How can Horizons help?

Horizons specializes in assisting employers to build and grow a presence in Slovakia, and we are experts in obtaining work visas for Slovakia. Our Slovakia work visa team will provide reliable advice and bespoke outsourcing services to guide you through the country’s complicated immigration process effectively. We will ensure that you and your foreign workforce are in total compliance with Slovakia’s immigration and employment regulations, save you time, and provide answers to any questions you have along the way.

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of outsourcing options covering recruitment, payroll, HR, administration, and much more, even if you have not set up an official Slovakian entity.