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SALARY PAYMENT IN South Korean Won (KRW, ₩)


PAYROLL TAX 16.43% – 34.94%


TIME TO HIRE 24 hours

What are the standard working hours in South Korea?

South Koreans are known for being hard workers and working long hours. The standard working hours are set out by the Labor Standards Act (1997), which imposes an eight-hour working day with a maximum of 40 hours per working week.

In South Korea, the working day usually runs from 9am to 6pm. 

What are the standard working days in South Korea?

Monday to Friday/Saturday. Some South Korean companies operate on Saturdays and expect employees to work, either on normal hours or on an overtime rate of pay.

How many hours can you work per week in South Korea?

The Labor Standards Act (1997) covers working hour limits. The LSA limits weekly hours to 52 hours, consisting of 40 standard hours and 12 hours of overtime work. 

How many hours is part-time work in South Korea?

Hours worked does not come into the South Korean definition of part-time work. In South Korea, part-time work is considered short-term or temporary jobs where the working hours total less than 40 hours per week. 

Part-time employees are entitled to the same working rights as employees who perform the same job full-time. 

How many hours is overtime in South Korea?

Generally, an employee can agree to up to an additional 12 hours a week in overtime. The employer must pay an overtime rate of pay of 1.5x ordinary pay.

Is it illegal to work on the weekend in South Korea?

No. Many businesses operate on Saturdays and many employees work standard hours on Saturdays.

Does South Korea have a four-day work?

No. There are no official provisions or amendments relating to a 4-day work week in South Korea. 

However, employees are entitled to make a request to reduce their working hours in order to care for their families or themselves. Reduced working hours must total between 15 hours and 30 hours per week, but individual employment contracts may set out specific terms. 

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Currently, employees in South Korea are limited to 12 hours of overtime per week. At the time of writing, the South Korean government is considering introducing an amendment that would make existing laws on overtime more flexible. The proposal would allow employers and employees to negotiate on whether to count overtime by the week (12 hours allowed); the month (52 hours allowed); the quarter (140 hours allowed); a half year (250 hours allowed); or a full year, (440 hours allowed).

The overtime rate of pay in South Korea is 1.5x the normal rate of pay.

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