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Spain Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Spain recruitment and compliance and hire the best talent for your expansion to Spain

Hiring employees in Spain

When planning to expand to the European country of Spain, a crucial part of the process for most businesses is to recruit local employees. The process of Spain recruitment is sometimes challenging, with various laws and protections in place, a language barrier, and a unique hiring culture to navigate.

Horizons’ global expansion specialists are here to guide you through Spain’s complex recruitment process and provide tailored outsourcing services to handle your hiring in Spain so you don’t have to. With our help, you’ll be able to source, hire, and onboard the country’s top talent compliantly and quickly, even if you don’t have a Spanish entity.

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Spain hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Spain recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your company’s Spain expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Spain

Much like many other countries, Spanish candidates now primarily use the internet for job searches. The most commonly used mediums are dedicated job sites, such as Monster, Indeed, and Bolsa de Trabajo. Many people also use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Alternatively, you can hire a global PEO such as Horizons to work with you and source the perfect candidates.

Discrimination and harassment laws in Spain

Spain has various worker and candidate protections in place to prevent discrimination. For example, employers cannot discriminate against candidates based on their gender, race, or age, disability, or religion, among other things. Unlike many countries, Spain also usually forbids employers from requesting or inquiring about a candidate’s criminal record.

It is vital that you adhere to these regulations and never give any indication otherwise, so always remain respectful towards candidates and consider hiring professional help in the form of employment lawyers or recruitment consultants.

Onboarding staff in Spain

The process of onboarding employees in Spain varies from company to company. However, the most important thing is to be clear about expectations and what you can offer as an employer. The best way to do this is with a detailed, clear employment contract for every employee.

You will also generally need to have a representative in the country to assist with onboarding. This could be one of your existing workers, or you could use a global PEO such as Horizons to handle the onboarding for you.

Compliance for Spain recruitment

Compliance laws surrounding recruitment in Spain are complex, covering things like maximum working hours, minimum compensation, and mandatory vacation leave. For more information on the specifics that employers must offer workers, explore our Spain PEO page.