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Turkey Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Turkey recruitment and employment compliance to ensure you can hire the best talent for your expansion to Turkey

Hiring employees in Turkey

The people in your organization are always your most valuable asset, so it’s vital that you know how to find and recruit the best employees when you expand abroad. So when you’re expanding to Turkey, you will need to understand the Turkey recruitment process, which can be difficult for businesses new to the country. The unique language, cultural differences, and laws can all be confusing and may lead to costly delays.

Horizons’ global expansion experts are always on-hand to support you through the recruitment process in Turkey, providing tailored consultancy and outsourcing to handle all of your hiring needs in Turkey so you don’t have to. With our support, organizations can find, hire, and onboard the nation’s top talent rapidly and compliantly, with or without having an entity in Turkey.

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Turkey hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Turkey recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Turkey expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Turkey

Turkey is a large country and, while affluence and education levels can vary dramatically in different parts of the country, there are still large numbers of skilled, highly educated workers in many areas such as cities like Istanbul. Many companies choose to hire foreigners, but these people will require Turkey work visas.

Online recruitment is increasingly common, and there are many job sites to choose from, including KariyerCareerJet, and many more. Also, LinkedIn is used by many professionals, so can be a good place to conduct research and post job advertisements.

Important laws for Turkey recruitment

There are various laws in place in Turkey to prevent discrimination against candidates and employees by employers. Additionally, many checks on potential employees that are allowed in other countries are illegal in Turkey without the individual’s consent. For example, drug screening, criminal record checks, health status checks, social media account checks, and credit checks are all illegal without consent.

Onboarding staff in Turkey

The process of onboarding new workers in Turkey can vary a lot from role to role and company to company. Different methods working better for certain situations, so you should choose whatever methods work best for you and your workers. However, we do advise that you are clear about your expectations from the beginning. Also, it is good practice to write up a detailed employment contract for every worker and go through it with them during the onboarding process to answer any questions. Further to this, orientation events and group training can help new employees to settle in, meet others, and perform better.

Compliance for Turkey recruitment

Employers in Turkey are legally required to provide a range of benefits and entitlements to workers. These cover things like safe working conditions, maximum working hours, minimum compensation, paid leave, and so on. Also, the precise entitlements can vary between different industries and professions, such as when collective bargaining agreements are in place, so you should determine what rights each of your employees has in advance and include them in their employment contract.