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Ukraine Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Ukraine recruitment and compliance to ensure you can hire the best possible workforce

Hiring employees in Ukraine

If your company is planning an expansion to the European country of Ukraine, it’s likely that part of the expansion process will involve hiring employees locally. Ukraine recruitment can be difficult to understand, and Ukraine has a unique set of employment laws and working culture to navigate.

Horizons’ global expansion experts will guide you through the Ukraine recruitment process, offering outsourcing and consultancy services to manage your hiring in Ukraine for you. With our support, you can find, hire, and onboard the best possible workforce quickly and compliantly, to expand into Ukraine faster, even if you don’t have a subsidiary in the country.

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Ukraine hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Ukraine recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Ukraine expansion.

How to find and hire employees in Ukraine

Ukraine has a competitive market for employers, so it may be necessary to go the extra mile when recruiting in the country if you want to source the best talent. However, if you know how and where to look, you’ll have the upper hand over many other employers. As in most countries, the best place to start is generally online. Ukraine has many online job websites to choose from, so it’s a good idea to post your positions on several of them. Popular sites include Work.ua and Rabota, but there are many other examples to choose from. Also, many companies now use LinkedIn to search for candidates and post roles. You can also use more traditional channels like newspapers, and recruitment agencies or consultancies such as Horizons.

Laws for Ukraine recruitment

Ukraine has various laws in place to protect employees and candidates from discrimination and other unfair treatment by employers. For example, employers cannot use an individual’s personal data unless it is required for the type of job.

The country’s anti-discrimination laws also prohibit employers from discriminating against people based on their religion, age, gender, ethnicity, politics, sexual orientation, and more. These laws mean that you must always be careful to avoid any language that could be seen as discriminatory throughout the recruitment process and with your employees.

Onboarding staff in Ukraine

While you don’t need to follow any specific template when onboarding employees in Ukraine, the standard onboarding principles that apply anywhere should be followed where possible. For example, it is always advisable to encourage an open environment for workers by answering any questions they might have, going over the details of their employment contracts with them, and relaying the company ethos and culture to them. Also, it is usually good practice to send company representatives to the country from abroad whenever onboarding new employees and to introduce them to other members of staff.

Compliance for recruitment in Ukraine

When employing people in Ukraine, ensuring compliance with the law is an important part of the process. For instance, you must have a written contract of employment for every worker, and this contract should include details of their various legal entitlements. These entitlements include maximum working hours, overtime pay, vacation leave, sick leave, and so on. For further information about these entitlements, visit our Ukraine PEO page.