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What is a Zimbabwe EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a company that provides HR services to businesses, including payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR administration. A Zimbabwe EOR is an organization that provides these HR services to businesses that are looking to hire employees in Zimbabwe.

The organization could be a domestic EOR, a company based only in Zimbabwe, hiring and processing payroll there.  Or they could be a regional Africa EOR, supporting employee hire throughout Africa. Or, they could even be a Global EOR, supporting companies hiring employees all over the world, including in Zimbabwe. 

Many international companies are drawn to Zimbabwe for its rich natural resources and mining industries (namely platinum, coal, gold, iron ore, and diamonds). Additionally, companies are attracted to hiring Zimbabwean employees due to the high degree of English proficiency there —  89 percent can speak English fluently or at a high level — the highest level of English competency on the African mainland. 

EORs support global companies hiring in Zimbabwe by taking over HR, payroll and compliance tasks on their behalf. This helps international companies focus on the day-to-day oversight of their Zimbabwe workforce, rather than compliance and administration.

Note, a Zimbabwe Employer of Record is also known as a Zimbabwe Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

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What are the benefits of a Zimbabwe EOR?

There are several potential benefits of using a Zimbabwe Professional Employer Organization:

  • Cost savings — by engaging a EOR for your HR and payroll you save on the cost of hiring and training in-house HR and payroll staff. You also save on the cost of local company incorporation.
  • Improved compliance — through Zimbabwe legal and employment experts, you can ensure that you avoid fines and other legal issues.
  • Local expertise —  HR and payroll professionals with Zimbabwe expertise provide insights and assurance that few international companies will be able to resource themselves.
  • Enhanced flexibility — Zimbabwe EORs provide HR, payroll and compliance services on an ‘a la carte‘ and as-needed basis. For example, if the business needs support with contractor management, or recruitment, a EOR may be able to help with that as well.
  • Better employee benefits — EORs usually oversee HR and compliance for a large number of employees (connected to multiple clients), giving them the negotiating power to receive better deals on insurance and benefit plans.

It is worth noting that the specific benefits of a Zimbabwe EOR will depend on the services they offer and the needs of the business.

How does a Zimbabwe EOR help businesses hire employees?

EORs in Zimbabwe can support businesses in a number of ways. This includes;

  • Guiding companies on local labor laws and regulations: This is particularly true of international businesses who are hiring in Zimbabwe for the first time.
  • Recruitment assistance: Many top EORs offer recruitment support, including talent sourcing, reviewing applications, and carrying out initial interviews.
  • Handling onboarding and orientation: Zimbabwe EORs support companies in Zimbabwe by setting up payroll, and providing new hires with all the necessary information and tools they need to begin work.
  • Administering employee benefits: Zimbabwe EORs design and implement employee benefit plans, including health insurance and retirement plans, and manage those benefits plans on behalf of employees.
  • Managing payroll and tax withholding: EORs handle the calculation and issuing of salaries and wages, the withholding of taxes, and ensure that all employment tax payments are made on behalf of the business.
Probationary period No probationary period.
Termination At completion of the project.
Severance Max. one months per year of employment.
Probationary period

Directly related to contract duration:

1-year contract: 1 month probation
2-year contract: 2 month probation
3+ year contract: 6 month probation

Termination notice period

30 days (minimum and maximum allowed by labor law)


2 months salary per year of service

In cases of justified termination: 1 month’s salary per year of service

In cases of dismissal on serious grounds: none

Probationary period

Not available

Termination notice period

30 days (minimum and maximum allowed by labor law)


1 month salary per year of service

Leave management and national holidays in Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwe EOR administers benefits for all Zimbabwe-based staff. This covers leave management, pensions, healthcare and various compulsory social contributions. 

When it comes to paid time off (PTO) employees in Zimbabwe are guaranteed at least 21 days of paid annual leave, not including public holidays. Collective agreements must provide at least one day of fully-compensated annual leave for every 17 days of work.

The public holidays in Zimbabwe cover: 

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Zimbabwe national holidays 2024

Note also that there are some regional or local holidays that are only celebrated in certain parts of Zimbabwe.

DateHoliday name
1 Jan, 2024New Year’s Day
21 Feb, 2024Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day
29 Mar, 2024Good Friday
30 Mar, 2024Holy Saturday
1 Apr, 2024Easter Monday
18 Apr, 2024Independence Day
1 May, 2024Workers’ Day
25 May, 2024Africa Day
12 Aug, 2024Heroes’ Day
13 Aug, 2024Defence Forces Day
22 Dec, 2024Unity Day
25 Dec, 2024Christmas Day
26 Dec, 2024Boxing Day


Paternity and maternity leave in Zimbabwe

Female employees with at least one year with an employer have an entitlement to 98 days of paid maternity leave. Up to 45 days of this can be taken before the birth.

Paid maternity leave can oonly be taken only once every 24 months, and a maximum of three times with the one employer. 

While there is no paid paternity leave in Zimbabwe, male employees can take up to 12 days unpaid leave on the birth of their child. 

Employer pension contributions in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a public pension system which most employees must contribute towards. On reaching the age of 60, with at least 10 years of contributions, employees can receive their entitlement. It can be deferred up until the age of 65.

There is also an ‘old-age grant’ available for those who don’t meet the contribution requirement.

As part of the ‘Pension and other Benefits Scheme’, employer and employee contribute 4.5 percent each, for a total contribution of 9 percent.

Note, self-employed individuals are not mandated to contribute to these schemes, but are also ineligible to recover from them.

Income tax withholding in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe applies employment-specific income tax rates, which apply progressively to the income of employees. The tax brackets, in US dollar, are as follows:

  • 0 to 1,200: 0%
  • 1,201 to 3,600: 20%
  • 3,601 to 12,000: 25%
  • 12,001 to 24,000: 30%
  • 36,001 and above: 40%.

Note that there is also an AIDS levy applied to employment income of 3 percent. 

Other forms of income (even if earned by someone who is also an employee) are taxed at the corporate rate — currently 24 percent. 

Healthcare and health insurance in Zimbabwe

While Zimbabwe has a publicly-funded healthcare system, extreme pressure on resources means that it is common for professional employees to be privately insured as well. 

Employees are also required to contribute to a national Accident Prevention and Workers Compensation Scheme, which provides disability pensions and lump sum payments in the case of workplace injuries. 

Hire through a Zimbabwe EOR

Zimbabwe Employer of Record (EOR) solutions make it easy to hire employees in Zimbabwe, quickly, and in full compliance with Zimbabwe law. For more information get in contact with us for a no-obligation consultation with a Zimbabwe hiring expert. 

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Generally speaking, the terms “Zimbabwe PEO” and “Zimbabwe EOR” are used interchangeably.

A Zimbabwe EOR is an excellent choice for international businesses seeking to hire and pay employees in Zimbabwe in full compliance with tax and labor laws. It saves up to 85 percent of the cost of setting up a local subsidiary — the key alternative option. 

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