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Horizons Berlin: An Evening with HR Leaders

Horizons Berlin

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

🥁 We hosted a fantastic HR event for hiring managers and those new to the EOR space in Berlin – the first of many to come! 💫

We welcomed incredible guests Ehab AbdelHafez, Head of TA from GE HealthCare – who manages a region of 27K employees across 150 countries. He spoke about the on-the-ground experience and challenges of building and scaling truly global teams. 

Our co-hosting partner, SafetyWing, had Fraser Murphy share the powerful impact of having a solid safety net (and a great benefits structure), which can help to maintain and retain your global team. 

Special guests Hofy – Sam Oliver and Alistair Green spoke about how easy it can be to onboard (send all the tech) anywhere in the world faster than if you bought it off the Apple Store! 

And lastly, Denym Bird of Horizons presented findings from our 2024 Hiring Report that showcases the benefits companies can get in hiring across borders and tapping into a truly endless pool of talent. 

Insights from the 2023-24 Hiring Report by Horizons

How did global hiring fare in 2023?

The Horizons 2023-24 Hiring Report covers what countries supplied top talent globally, who got hired at what cost, and where global employment is headed in the next few years.

For starters – global remote hiring is alive and well. Salaries and the cost of employer-sponsored benefits are increasing in certain regions. And, to grow remote and international teams effortlessly, recruiting managers are seeking underserved markets for top IT, Marketing and Sales talents.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries

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