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Easily manage and pay your contractors

Run payroll with or without a subsidiary

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Global Immigration

Relocation and visa made easy

Talent Acquisition

Find the best candidates for your team

Hire from $49, scalable & transparent

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Reach your recruitment goals twice as fast with the global hiring specialists.  

The fastest way to build and acquire 
global companies

We empower hiring managers, recruiters and HR teams around the world with our Employer of Record (EOR) and international HR solutions. We help you hit your hiring and talent goals by hiring employees anywhere in the world, in as little as 24 hours. 

Simplifying how you execute 
global mergers and acquisitions

Fast-track onboarding of talent

Skip the time constraints of costly entity setups. We make it easy for you to hire and onboard your employees across multiple countries.

Manage intellectual property

All employment contracts are drafted in strict compliance, ensuring that you maintain intellectual property ownership.

One connected workforce

When transferring employees, our benefits analysis provides you with key insights into work efficiencies. Additionally, we support you to offer competitive packages for all staff, ensuring a seamless transfer.

Free up internal resources

Our specialists manage your global payroll and benefits distribution, as well as labor compliance. This enables your in-house team to focus on the core aspects of your daily operations.

Minimize reliance on TSA’s

We provide your business with fast access to country-specific, compliant employment contracts. As a result, you bypass a reliance on transaction service agreements (TSA’s).

Support during holding periods and entity setup

Through our global network of resources, we support you during any holding periods, market testing, or entity setup.

Hire and pay talents
with Horizons in
180+ countries.

Supporting your business to go global. With entities in 180+ countries.


Select the candidates that you wish to hire

Our legal specialists will assist you to quickly draft a compliant local employment contract.


Horizons onboards your new employees

We oversee your company’s orientation process, whilst managing local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and all HR administration. 


We absorb legal liability

By acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, we take on all legal responsibilities, ensuring that employment remains compliant.


Grow your business

You retain control and autonomy over employees. As your workforce grows, you’re able to extend your global operations.