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Nearshoring employees without opening an entity

Horizons offers the best nearshoring experience available

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is when companies hire foreign employees in a neighboring country. For example, a soft drinks company in Germany might nearshore its bottling operations to Poland. 

There are several reasons why company might want to nearshore a portion of their workforce:

  • To save on costs
  • To keep the whole company on a similar time zone (compare this with ‘offshoring’ to a more distant location, which can come with large time differences for the team)
  • To hire some specialists located in a neighboring country
  • To diversify the workforce and encourage innovation through diversity, while still keeping some cultural alignment for the team.
hire employees with HORIZONS nearshoring services

We hire and pay employees
on your behalf in 180+ countries

Hiring overseas usually requires you to open your own subsidiary or entity. This is expensive, time-consuming, and makes you solely responsible for complex tax and labor law compliance.  With Horizons, you get all the benefits of international hiring without the hassle of opening a local entity.

Nearshore anywhere

Hire employees in 180+ countries worldwide.

No entity required

With Horizons nearshoring, hire in hours instead of months.

Save up to 85%

We fill all local HR duties so you save on hiring costs. 

Nearshore your global team through Horizons for

Why nearshore?

Why is nearshoring employees so compelling? Consider the following ways in which global hire may appeal to a company:

Source qualified staff

There are well-recognized skill shortages in many developed countries, especially when it comes to technology and senior management roles. Nearshoring can help fill those skills gaps while keeping operations in the same timezone.

Use multiple languages

For many international businesses, their clientele are themselves international. This means that it can be important to have staff that speak internationally important languages such as Mandarin or Spanish. Hiring overseas is the most straightforward way of achieving a team with these capabilities.


Having employees in a nearby location makes the business more resilient against any issues that affect the home office exclusively.


Hiring in a nearby country with a lower cost-of-living can save your company money.

ONE PARTNER FOR your nearshoring needs

Why Horizons?

When you partner with Horizons, you ensure a smooth, hassle-free hiring and payroll experience. Employees can be onboarded, in any country in the world, within 24 hours. 

Hire anywhere without a local entity

No matter where you are based in the world, you can hire employees in a nearby country. With Horizons your global team can be hired in any country through 180+ entities.

Pay employees in local currencies

Horizons takes care of payroll for every employee, leaving you with just one monthly bill, paid in the currency of your choice.

Hire within 24 hours

Hiring overseas no longer takes weeks or months. With Horizons new employees can be ready to go within 24 hours.

Manage compliance

Horizons takes care of all employment taxes, social security contributions and other liabilities. There is no need for you to decipher complex foreign legal requirements.

Improve employee wellbeing

Superior employee health insurance and benefits for your employees.

Save on hiring costs

Through our nearshoring solution, Horizons can save you up to 85% on the cost of employee hire.

Nearshore employees
with three simple steps

1. Select employees

Pick candidates of your own choosing, or make use of our talent acquisition service.

2. We hire and onboard

We become the Employer of Record (EOR) for your global team, while you remain in charge on a day-to-day basis.

3. We manage payroll

We take care of payroll and also withhold employment taxes and manage compliance. 

ONE invoice for all global employees

Pay nearshored employees effortlessly

Reduce the time you spend on setting up local payroll and paying your global team. We take care of everything, so you can focus on your business.

we make nearshoring easy

The benefits of the Horizons nearshoring solution

Global coverage

With one partner, you can hire a global workforce nearby or in 180+ countries.

Fast international hire

Instead of the weeks or months it takes to set up an entity, onboard employees in as little as 24 hours.

Cost savings

With no need for company incorporation or set-up, you save 85 percent of the cost of hiring overseas.

Local expertise

Our experts on the ground ensure full compliance with local tax and labor laws.

Full service HR

As well as nearshoring, Horizons can manage global EOR, contractor hire, recruitment and visas.

Intuitive platform

Our user-friendly HR platform gives you 24/7 oversight of your global payroll.


There often comes a time when employees are ready to move on. This is usually a resignation, but in some cases could be a dismissal/ termination.

Horizons manages this ‘offboarding’ for you, to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

The steps are as follows:

01. Select employment contract

Through our platform, find the contract of the relevant employee and initiate an offboarding request.

02. Provide necessary information

We will request further information, such as any reasons for dismissal, to ensure that local laws relating to ending contracts are followed.

03. Send final request

We will then be in touch to confirm the dates and details for any contract termination.

Nearshore in 24 hours

Hiring internationally used to take weeks or months. With Horizons you can onboard employees in as little as 24 hours.

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