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How large companies can benefit from Global PEO solutions

We support large companies or enterprises hiring staff internationally. Often, the best solution for an international hiring project is to engage a Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO).

A Global PEO recruits, hires, and onboards staff across multiple international locations. The resulting employees still work at your direction on a day-to-day basis, but the Global PEO becomes the ‘Employer of Record’. This means the Global PEO takes care of payroll, HR, employment and tax compliance.

What are the benefits of Global PEO for large corporations?

The key benefits of engaging Horizons to hire and onboard staff in new international locations are set out below. 

Speed of hiring

Our Global PEO solutions mean that you could have staff on board in a new international location, within 48 hours. There is no need to wait until all the legal requirements for a new local entity or subsidiary are satisfied.

One Point of Contact

You no longer need to manage multiple international entities or companies. The Global PEO takes care of your international employment across 180+ countries.

Local Recruitment Networks

As the only Global PEO with in-house recruitment, Horizons has local networks on the ground to ensure that you engage the best available talent.

Cost Savings

Horizons’ expansion solutions can save you up to 85 percent on the cost of setting up internationally.

Online Cloud Solutions

Horizons’ HR cloud platform consolidates all employee data and reports across your global locations.

What is the Horizons ‘Onboarding’ Process?

Initiating the Business Relationship

We agree with you on the terms of engagement.


We get to work recruiting staff for your large corporation. Alternatively, you can suggest staff or be involved in the recruitment process.

Offers of Employment

Recruited staff are made an offer with a legally-compliant employment contract attached.

Ongoing Payroll and Compliance

Workers are hired by Horizons. Horizons provides ongoing payroll, tax, compliance and HR services.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Global PEOs provide employment solutions for small, medium-sized and large companies. It is usually the most cost-effective and efficient employment solution for companies at every stage of expansion.
Yes. In addition to Global PEO and contractor management outsourcing, we can also take care of human resources or payroll outsourcing for your international staff.
Yes, Horizons also provides contractor management solutions where engaging contractors is appropriate. Outsourcing contractor management to Horizons ensures that your independent contractors are invoiced and managed in full compliance with local laws.
Horizons manages the workforce for large corporations through its secure cloud platform. This means you can get real-time data on your international workforce across all your international locations.
Yes. Where you would prefer to set up a local entity, instead of engaging a Global PEO solution, we can make this happen for you.

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