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How NGOs Can Hire Globally
with a Global PEO

Non-profits and NGOs often operate across a range of international locations. With multiple international locations, it is essential that NGOs engage workers in full compliance with tax and employment laws in each place. Failing to do so could mean fines, back-taxes, significant reputational damage and being in breach of NGO funding/grant arrangements.

Horizons provides Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO) solutions. This means Horizons recruits and hires staff for NGOs across 180+ international locations. As the ‘Employer of Record’, Horizons becomes responsible for payroll, employee taxes, benefits administration and HR for an NGO’s international workforce.

The Global PEO Benefits for NGOs

A Horizons Global PEO solution is a useful expansion mechanism for all NGOs. While the key benefit is ensuring that international locations of an NGO are legally compliant, there are other crucial benefits which we set out below. 

Fast Establishment

Setting up a legally compliant subsidiary or legal entity overseas can be time consuming. With a Global PEO solution you could be operating within 48 hours.

Multiple Locations

Instead of dealing with a different legal subsidiary or entity across your international locations, you deal only with Horizons – Horizons takes care of the rest.

Talent Acquisition

If you need to staff for your NGO across global locations, our in-house recruitment can ensure you have the right employees where you need them.

Cost Reduction

Engaging a Global PEO instead of setting up your own local legal entity or subsidiary could save you up to 85 percent on normal expansion costs.


Ticking all the legal and compliance boxes is crucial for NGOs. A failure to do so could put future funding and grants in jeopardy. A Global PEO solution ensures that your staff are employed in international locations in full compliance with the law.

What is the onboarding process for Horizons?

Initial Scoping

Horizons discusses with the NGO the proposed terms of engagement.

International Recruitment

Once engaged, Horizons recruits any essential staff.

Labor Contracts

Once recruitment is complete, all staff are provided with employment contracts, legally compliant in the country of hiring.

Ongoing Employment Solutions

From then on, Horizons is the ‘Employer of Record’ and takes over ongoing payroll, employee tax and compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Global PEO solutions are ‘scalable’. This means they can be applied equally well to NGOs of various sizes.
In addition to Global PEO solutions,  Horizons can support international expansion for NGOs with a range of other tailored solutions. Options include:
  • Payroll and HR outsourcing. This way, the NGO remains the legal employer with Horizons contracted to support payroll, tax withholding and benefits administration
  • Local entity set up. We set up a local legal entity or subsidiary for you in your chosen country of expansion
  • Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO). If you wish to engage independent contractors rather than employees, Horizons can advise you on whether this is possible and take over management of your contractors.
Horizons operates an HR cloud platform which stores all employee data. Client NGOs have secure access to this platform at any time. Note, this information is held in full compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

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