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Global hiring solutions for growing SMEs

How SMEs can hire overseas
with a Global PEO

Global hiring is often an attractive proposition for growing SMEs. Hiring overseas can be useful for selling products and services into new markets and accessing a cost-effective and qualified workforce.

Horizons is a Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO) which means it is able to recruit and hire staff across all your overseas locations. The employees hired by Horizons still work exclusively at your direction, but the Global PEO becomes the ‘Employer of Record’: That means Horizons takes over payroll, tax withholding and HR compliance on your behalf.

How do SMEs benefit from a Global PEO solution?

Engaging Horizons to support your global hiring via a Global PEO solution has a range of benefits which we set out below. 

Fast Entry to Market

Setting up a subsidiary for your new international outpost usually takes time. With a Global PEO solution you can be up-and-running within 48 hours.

Multiple Locations

Horizons can take responsibility for all your international locations if you seek to operate across several countries. You only deal with the one invoice and point of contact.


Busy SMEs do not need to worry about recruitment in the country of hiring. Horizons, with its in-house recruitment specialists, can recruit top talent for you through its extensive local networks.

Cost Savings

It is estimated that expanding through a Global PEO could save you 85 percent on the normal cost of expanding globally.

Cloud Solutions

All Staff information is managed through a cloud solution that gives you access to worker data in real time.

What Is the Process for Onboarding New Staff?

Defining of Relationship

Horizons will engage your SME on terms that both parties agree to.

Talent Acquisition

Horizons will get to work recruiting staff for the SME’s new overseas location.

Employment Agreements

If the SME agree to the chosen recruits, compliant employment contracts are arranged and staff hired.

Ongoing Employer of Record

From that point on Horizons is the ‘Employer of Record’ and provides ongoing payroll, tax and HR administration services.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Global PEO solutions are equally effective for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises. This is because Global PEO is a ‘scalable’ solution. This means you can easily increase the size or your overseas operations, while keeping costs under control.
Yes. Horizons ensures that all staff receive the benefits they are entitled to under the law in your country of expansion.
If you seek a different expansion solution, other than Global PEO, we can also provide
  • Payroll, benefits administration and HR outsourcing. You remain the employer, we take care of the administration and payment tasks
  • Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO). We take over management of all your independent contractors for you
  • Local entity set up. We set up a local legal entity or subsidiary for you in your chosen country of expansion.
Yes. Horizons operates a comprehensive cloud platform that maintains all your worker data, records and reports in one place. This cloud solution is in full compliance with data protection laws and rules, and you receive secure access to the data.

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