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If you are a business startup interested in global hiring, Horizons can help. Horizons is a Global Professional Employer Organization (Global PEO). This means that they recruit and hire staff for your business in overseas locations. This is usually the fastest and most cost-effective method of global hiring, making it an attractive option for agile startups.  

A Global PEO ensures that your new international location operates efficiently and in full compliance with local laws. Conducting business in a international location without fully understanding the legal and compliance environment could leave you at significant risk of fines and back-taxes.

What are the advantages of a startup using a Global PEO?

Startups that engage a Horizons Global PEO solution scan benefit in the ways listed below.

A Scaled Solution

Global PEOs enable business expansion at any size. This means you can start small, and ‘scale up’ as your business grows, without incurring excessive extra costs.

Fast Entry

Setting up your own local entity or subsidiary in a new country often takes a considerable period of time. With a Global PEO solution you could have staff operating in your country of choice with 48 hours.


Global PEOs ensure that your international operations comply fully with local tax and employment laws.

Recruitment Networks

Horizons is the only Global PEO which acquires talent through its in-house recruitment team. This ensures that you have the best-qualified staff for the new extension of your business.

Cost Reduction

Engaging a Global PEO solution could save you up to 85 percent of the cost of setting up your own local location.

What is the process for signing up with Horizons?


Horizons will engage with the startup to work out the details of a Global PEO engagement.

Talent Acquisition

Once signed up, Horizons will recruit staff for the startup, or onboard any staff that have been selected.


Staff will be given compliant employment contracts to sign.

Ongoing Global PEO

Once officially hired, Horizons will be the ‘Employer of Record’ and responsible for all ongoing payroll, payroll taxes, HR And compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. As well as taxes, global PEOs ensure that any compulsory health insurance, pension contributions and other benefits are provided to staff. An ‘employee’, by contrast, works for a business with special protections as guaranteed by the employment law of that country. Often employees receive benefits, such as health insurance and pension contributions, from their employer.
Yes, in some cases. Horizons will be able to advise you on whether you can engage workers as independent contractors, or whether that could run the risk of ‘employee misclassification’. If employees are misclassified, liability for unpaid taxes, benefits and penalties could result.
Once a startup has grown to a sufficient size, it may wish to transfer from a Global PEO to another international expansion solution. Other possibilities that are available include: Once your start-up is at the growth stage to benefit from another global expansion solution, Horizons can help ensure that the transition to a new way of operating is smooth.
Employee personal and employment information is managed through our cloud platform. This ensures that information is protected in accordance with data protection laws and regulations, and provides startups with real-time access to necessary data.

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