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Would you like to test an overseas market? Perhaps you’re ready to make a permanent move offshore? With Horizons, you can hire and onboard your global workforce and commence your international operations in days.

Take on the global marketplace. Without the risk.

No Need For Expensive Entities

We act as your employees’ Employer of Record. This means you can hire anywhere, anytime, without any complications.

Capitalize On Global Opportunities

By taking your business abroad, you can tap into emerging markets and present your products and services to a worldwide audience.

Connect With Elite Talent

We’ll support you to offer the most competitive benefits for your global workforce. This enables you to attract and retain the best employees.

Extended Support For Your Team

With our in-country HR experts available 24/7, your workforce is supported all year round.

Risk-Free Expansion

Through our Global PEO and Employer of Record services, you can expand into new markets quickly and cost-effectively – without the risk.

Expand Into Multiple Countries

Wherever expansion takes you, our solutions make it simple to hire and onboard a truly global workforce.

One expansion platform.

01. Select the candidates that you wish to hire

Our legal specialists will assist you to quickly draft a compliant local employment contract.

02. Horizons onboards your new employees

We oversee your company’s orientation process, whilst managing local payroll sponsorship, labor contracts, and all HR administration.

03. We absorb legal liability

By acting as your employees’ Employer of Record, we take on all legal responsibilities, ensuring that employment remains compliant.

04. Grow your business

You retain control and autonomy over employees. As your workforce grows, you’re able to extend your global operations.

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