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November 2023: Create new billing groups, experience improved expense reviews

🚀 What’s new on the Horizon

Hello 👋 

We have four new updates for you this month from Horizons, in short they are:

✅ Create new billing groups

✅ Improved expense review experience

✅ View Employee Holidays

✅ Add actions to Contractor Profiles


New features in November 🎉

Create new billing groups

  1. You can add a new billing group
  2. You can see linked team members of a billing group
  3. You can request a change in the employee billing group

Say goodbye to email requests to add new billing groups! With this latest update, you can assign a new billing group to a new employee. Additionally, you can view linked team members of a particular billing group and make changes accordingly. 

Create a new billing group

Improved expense review experience

You can now zoom into employee expense images to view minor details of picture receipts better. You can also, view the total expense amount of the entire report along with the report name

Zoom into the expense image

View Employee Holidays

You can now view employees in the annual holiday calendar, even when an employee doesn’t request leave. 


Add actions to Contractor Profiles

Request changes in your agreement with your contractors, change the billing group for contractors and even obtain insurance for them.

As we continue to improve our product and services to make your global team management experience smoother, feel free to write to us at support@joinhorizons.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

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November 2023: Create new billing groups, experience improved expense reviews