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hire in Belarus

Belarus PEO &
Employer of Record

SALARY PAYMENT IN Belarusian Ruble (BYN)

CONTRACT LANGUAGES Belarusian / English



TIME TO HIRE 24 hours

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Hire in Belarus

Horizons provides compliance solutions to ensure your business in Belarus operates in line with Belarus labor laws and tax regulations. Businesses benefit from hiring in, investing in, or job outsourcing to, Belarus in a range of industries, from customer service, to accounting services, to software development. We also process monthly payroll, and, as an Belarus Employer of Record, absorb all local employer liabilities. Partnering with our Belarus PEO is the quickest and most cost-effective way to enter the Belarus market. 

Facts & Stats

PEO Platform Hire in Belarus, and pay employees through our platform or app. PEO Cost Our Belarus PEO solution is the most affordable on the market. Time-to-hire Fast onboarding in Belarus, hire in as little as 24 hours.
Contracts We draft labor contracts compliant with Belarusian labor law. Local Benefits We administer all mandatory benefits and contributions in Belarus. 185+ Countries It doesn’t stop with Belarus — we are an international PEO
stay compliant with Belarus labor laws

Employment Laws

Employment contracts in Belarus

We strongly recommend that you always provide your employees in Belarus with a formal contract of employment. All relevant details of the agreement should be included, such as maternity leave rights, sick leave, and salary/wage. All references to compensation should be in the local Belarusian ruble currency, and the contract should be written in one of the official languages (Russian or Belarusian).

Probationary period3 months
Termination notice period30 days
SeveranceTermination with cause: 12 days of salary / year of service
Probationary period3 months
Termination notice period30 days
SeveranceTermination with cause: 12 days of salary / year of service

Working hours in Belarus

The standard working week in Belarus is 40 hours, with eight-hour days. Employees can consent to overtime work, but this must be compensated at 200% of normal pay and cannot exceed 180 hours per year.

Hire compliantly in Belarus without a local entity.

Quick, compliant hiring in 24 hours—no subsidiary required.

Public holidays in Belarus

There are several nationally celebrated public holidays in Belarus. Most employees receive the days off work:

Belarus has a range of national public holidays that are celebrated annually. In 2023 these holidays are:

DateHoliday name
1 Jan SundayNew Year’s Day
2 Jan MondayNew Year Holiday
7 Jan SaturdayOrthodox Christmas Day
8 Mar WednesdayWomen’s Day
24 Apr MondayRadonitsa Holiday
25 Apr Tuesday Radonitsa
1 May MondayLabour Day
8 May MondayPublic Holiday
9 May TuesdayVictory Day
13 May SaturdaySpecial Working Day
3 Jul MondayIndependence Day of the Republic of Belarus
6 Nov MondayOctober Revolution Day Holiday
7 Nov TuesdayOctober Revolution Day
25 Dec MondayCatholic Christmas Day

Belarus vacation leave

Employers in Belarus are required to provide a minimum of 24 days of paid vacation leave per year to their employees.

Belarus sick leave

Employees in Belarus are entitled to paid sick leave. The initial 12 days is compensated at 80% of normal salary, and any following days are paid at 100% of normal pay. Sick leave payments are covered by the state.

Parental leave in Belarus

Female employees in Belarus are entitled to at least 126 days of paid maternity leave, and a further three years of unpaid leave. Employers must retain the employee’s role and allow her to return to work once the leave is over.

Terminations and severance in Belarus

Employment contracts in Belarus can be terminated under certain specific circumstances, such as by mutual agreement between the employer and employee. If no notice period has been set in the employment contract, then the usual length is around two months.

Upon dismissal, employees are entitled to a severance payment of three months of salary.

The limit for probation periods in Belarus is three months.

Taxation in Belarus

Employers in Belarus must contribute 6% of salaries to the social security system, which covers things like sick leave and maternity pay. They must also pay between 0.3% and 0.9% for workplace accident insurance, and 28% for pensions.

The income tax rate in Belarus is generally a flat rate of 13%, although this can vary in specific circumstances.

The corporate tax rate in Belarus is 18% of profits for most companies.

Health coverage in Belarus

Belarus has a public health system, so private health insurance is not strictly necessary. However, many employers do choose to offer it as part of their benefits packages to employees.

hassle-free Belarus compensation & benefits

Compensations & Benefits

Compensation laws in Belarus

The minimum wage in Belarus is set at 330 Belarusian rubles per month for full-time employees.

Minimum Wage Country Comparison Chart (Per month in USD)
Switzerland (Geneva) $4,000
Italy $2,255
Australia $1996
Algeria $156
Uzbekistan $22
Benefit management in Belarus

While Belarusians do receive many state benefits, employers still regularly choose to offer things like private health insurance, extra vacation leave, and so on. Setting up a benefits system for your employees in Belarus is an important part of being an employer and expanding into the country. However, it can be difficult if you are not familiar with the country’s complex labor laws, languages, and administrative procedures.

Horizons can help you bypass this element of your Belarus expansion by offering benefit system outsourcing that can save you time and money. Our experts will advise you on the best course of action and take care of your benefit setup and management, helping you focus on the rest of your expansion.

Hire in Belarus in 24h
without your own local entity.

With Horizons, you get quick service, transparent pricing, and expert support.


A Belarus PEO and a Belarus EOR are two types of companies which specialize in providing human resources services to businesses in Belarus.

The main difference between a Belarus PEO and a Belarus EOR is in the scope of their services.

Belarus PEOs provide a full range of HR services, including payroll, benefits administration, and employee recruiting—all under one roof as a co-employer. Engaging a Belarus PEO is essentially outsourcing your HR duties in Belarus.

Belarus EORs actually take over as the legal employer of your employees based abroad. Belarus EORs become responsible for labor compliance for your employees in Belarus.

At Horizons, we offer both PEO and EOR services in Belarus. Get in touch now and let us know what service you are seeking.

A PEO in Belarus can feasibly hire both local and foreign nationals to work in Belarus.

However, the ability of Horizons to sponsor your foreign national employee in Belarus may be limited due to visa quotas practiced in many countries.

Contact us with your requirements and our Global Mobility team with review the case and get back to you within 2 business days.

In most cases, Horizons’ Belarus PEO can hire & onboard your employee within 24 hours. The actual start date of the employee will depend on their notice period obligation to their previous employer as well as any relevant hiring rules in Belarus.

It is possible to get a work visa in Belarus. Horizons’ Global Mobility team is a dedicated team of work visa experts. They assess the details of each case to determine feasibility and costs before Horizons applies for the work visa on behalf of your employee. If the Global Mobility team determines that your case is feasible, the process is smooth and transparent. Visa spots in Belarus are limited, however—get started today to secure your employees’ visa spot.