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Poland Recruitment Agency

How to manage your Poland recruitment and compliance work you can hire the best talent for your expansion

Hiring employees in Poland

An important part of any organization’s expansion to Poland is hiring employees locally. However, the process of Poland recruitment can be complex and difficult to understand for foreign employers, with a language barrier, unique labor laws, and more all potentially hindering progress.

Horizons’ expansion team specializes in supporting businesses through recruitment in Poland, offering tailored outsourcing solutions to manage your hiring and all associated work for you. With our help, you’ll be able to source, hire, and onboard the best talent, in full compliance with  Polish laws, even if your company doesn’t have a Polish entity.

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Poland hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Poland recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Poland expansion.

How to source and recruit employees in Poland

In Poland, as in most countries today, the most popular place for most people to post and look for jobs is the internet. We recommend using a mixture of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and dedicated job websites such as Praca and Golden Line.

If you’d rather leave the difficult process of Poland recruitment to somebody else, you could also consider outsourcing the entire recruitment process to a global PEO such as Horizons.

Discrimination rules for Poland recruitment

Poland has a number of laws designed to prevent discrimination of employees and candidates during the recruitment process. These laws follow the same general pattern as many other countries and will probably be familiar to you if you’ve hired in other places. For example, it is illegal to discriminate against candidates based on their country of origin, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or affiliation with unions, among other things.

If you fail to follow these rules properly, you could risk legal action, so it is crucial that you understand your obligations before hiring. Horizons offers specialized Poland recruitment consultation to help you follow the rules.

Onboarding employees in Poland

While there are no fixed rules around onboarding new workers in Poland, there are some general guidelines that are advisable to follow. Firstly, we recommend always producing a formal contract of employment for every employee detailing the role and terms of employment. We also recommend going through this with every employee when they start work to prevent any misunderstandings.

Beyond this, it is good practice to be clear about your expectations and give your new workers adequate time to settle into the company culture and their specific roles by providing sufficient training and orientation in the first few days.

Compliance for Poland recruitment

The employment laws in Poland are detailed and complex, and all employees are entitled to certain things such as maternity leave, sick pay, maximum working hours, minimum wage, annual vacation allowance, and so on. All entitlements should be detailed in an employee’s contract. For more information about employee rights and entitlements in Poland, take a look at our Poland PEO page.