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Minimum wage
in Singapore

SALARY PAYMENT IN Singapore Dollar (SGD)




TIME TO HIRE 12 hours

What is the minimum wage in Singapore per hour?

Singapore does not generally apply a mandatory minimum wage laws or regulations. Rates of pay must be agreed upon between the parties through collective bargaining agreements or negotiations.

Minimum wages play a crucial role in ensuring fair compensation for employees, and this holds true for the online casino industry as well. A comparison between the minimum wages for online casino employees in Singapore and Greece highlights significant differences in labor standards and economic contexts. In Singapore, the minimum wage framework differs from many other countries. Singapore’s approach allows market forces to dictate wages, which often results in higher salaries for skilled workers, including those in the online casino industry. The casino sector in Singapore, which is known for its world-class integrated resorts, generally offers competitive wages to attract and retain talent. Greece, on the other hand, has a more traditional minimum wage system governed by labor laws and collective agreements. Greece establishes a legal minimum wage, which applies to all employees, including those in the online casino industry including casinos like gamblingorb-gr.com/kazino-me-pragmatika-chrimata/nine-casino/. Collective agreements between employers and labor unions can further influence wage levels. However, the statutory minimum wage serves as a baseline.

However, Singapore does follow the Progressive Wage Model (PWM), which mandates a minimum monthly wage for employees in certain economic sectors. As of September 2022, the PWM applies to workers in the retail, cleaning, security and landscape sectors.

Are there regional variations in Singapore’s minimum wage?

There are no regional variations.

How has minimum wage in Singapore changed in the last 5 years and beyond?

There generally isn’t a minimum wage in Singapore.

Minimum wages are a fundamental aspect of labor standards and fair compensation in any industry, including the online casino sector. A comparison between minimum wages for online casino employees in Canada and Singapore reveals distinctive approaches to labor regulations and economic contexts. In Canada, minimum wage regulations are set at the provincial and territorial levels, resulting in varying minimum wage rates across the country. And trusted casinos employees’ minimum wages can significantly differ from one province or territory to another. Provinces with higher living costs, such as Ontario and British Columbia, tend to have higher minimum wage rates. In Singapore, the approach to minimum wages differs from many other countries. Instead of a legislated minimum wage, Singapore relies on wage guidelines, collective bargaining, and market forces to determine salary levels.

Is there a different minimum wage for foreigners in Singapore?

The Singapore government has special rules in place regarding the minimum salaries of foreign workers employed in Singapore. They are referred to as S Pass and Employment Pass (EP) workers, depending on the position they hold. 

EP employees are qualifying highly skilled foreign professionals. Their minimum monthly salary is SGD 5,000 or SGD 5,500 for those employed in the finance sector. Mid-level skilled foreign workers in Singapore who hold an S pass will receive a minimum monthly salary of SGD 3,000. For S pass employees in the financial sector, the minimum salary is SGD 3,500 per month.

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The median gross monthly salary in Singapore is SGD 4,680. There is no legally mandated minimum wage.

There is no legally mandated minimum wage in Singapore.

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