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Slovakia Recruitment Agency

How to manage your organization's Slovenia recruitment and compliance to ensure you source the best employees for your expansion

Hiring employees in Slovakia

When expanding to the European country of Slovakia, officially known as the Slovak Republic, you’ll need to make sure you have the best team available to help, and that generally means hiring locally. However, the process of Slovakia recruitment can be difficult, with the unique employment laws, a different language, and cultural barriers that can be challenging for those not used to the country.

At Horizons, we are experts in global expansion and can support your business through the Slovakia recruitment process, offering you everything you need to rapidly and efficiently find the best talent possible. We will help you to find, recruit, and onboard your workforce in Slovakia, whether or not you have an official entity in Slovakia.

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Slovakia hiring guide

Explore some of the key information about Slovakia recruitment and how to hire the best talent to help with your Slovakia expansion.

How to source and hire workers in Slovakia

Slovakia has a growing economy and enjoys an increasingly important position in European trade. While this makes it a great place to do business, it also means that competition can be high for employees in many sectors. However, there a plenty of excellent workers available if you know how to look.

The best place to start these days is online. There are numerous online job boards such as Praca and Profesia, among others. Additionally, many people in Slovakia use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, so these can also be good places to do research and source workers.

Recruitment agencies and consultancies can also be an excellent way to outsource the recruitment of employees in Slovakia. Contact Horizons today to learn more about Slovakia recruitment services.

Anti-discrimination laws for Slovakia recruitment

Slovakia has largely similar anti-discrimination laws covering employees as most other European countries. The laws prevent discrimination of workers by employers based on their gender, age, political views, religion, disability, membership of organized labor organizations, and more. You must also provide an equal workplace for men and women including equal pay and treatment.

These rules mean that you must always be careful as an employer, including during the recruitment process, as violations can result in serious legal action and fines. For support navigating the extensive regulations, talk to the Slovakia recruitment experts at Horizons.

Onboarding staff in Slovakia

The onboarding of workers in Slovakia varies significantly from business to business. However, it is always good practice to be as transparent as you can from the beginning about what you expect from specific employees and to go over any questions they have about their employment contracts. Additionally, we recommend sending representatives to the country to assist with onboarding and training and contribute to a more fulfilling and productive workplace environment.

Compliance for Slovakia recruitment

Employers in Slovakia must meet various criteria to be compliant with the country’s employment regulations. For example, all workers are entitled to certain things like overtime pay, a maximum number of working hours each week, a vacation leave allowance, sick pay, and so on. You should always include the details of these things in each employee’s contract and uphold them at all times.

If you want to hire foreign workers, you may need to obtain special permission for you and the employees. For more details about hiring foreign workers, visit our page for Slovakia work visas.