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Notice period
in the UK.

SALARY PAYMENT IN British Pound (GBP, £)




TIME TO HIRE 12 hours

What is the minimum notice period when resigning in the UK?

The minimum notice period in the UK is 1 week for employees that have been employed for less than 2 years. After 2 years of employment the notice period is 1 week per year of employment up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

However, the standard notice period in the UK is 30 days.

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What are the consequences of an insufficient notice period in the UK?

Employees who leave their job without giving proper notice may be in breach of contract. If the employer suffers any extra costs as a result of the employee’s early departure, they may make a court claim against the employee. Employees are only entitled to receive payment for the time they have worked, including any money owed for holidays not taken.

In the UK, making a court claim against an employee for not working full notice is not standard practice. More commonly, the consequence for the employee is that the employer does not provide an employment reference.

Depending on the contract, an employee may also forfeit any applicable bonuses, share schemes or other benefits if they do not work their notice.

Is it possible to reduce the notice period in the UK under exceptional circumstances?

Employees can negotiate a shorter notice period. This is only possible if both parties are in agreement. Employers cannot shorten the notice period, but may offer pay in lieu of notice.

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Employees must give 1 week notice for every year they have been employed before resigning in the United Kingdom.

Employers must give 1 week notice for every year they have been employed, up to 12 weeks. In some limited circumstances more than 12 weeks notice will be considered a reasonable requirement.

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