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Horizons’ Moves to New Canada Office

Horizons’ Moves to New Canada Office

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Horizons has recently expanded its operations in Canada. Its Toronto base has shifted from its prior location to a new operations hub at 1670 Bayview Avenue.

As a Canada PEO and Employer of Record, Horizons recruits hires, and onboard Canadian employees on behalf of client businesses. 

The shift to a larger location in Toronto reflects the increased demand for Horizons’ global PEO solutions in Canada.

Explaining the move, Chief Operating Officer, Antoine Boquen, observes: “The strength of the Canadian economy, and forecasts of consistent growth, mean that there has never been a better time to do business in Canada“.

“Many companies pushing for global growth see a Canada-based team as a natural next step. A strong economy, highly educated workforce, and supply chains integrated with the north-east United States, make Canada expansion more attractive than ever”.

Boquen also acknowledged that global expansion is increasing in both directions: 

“We are also seeing increased interest from Canadian firms interested in expanding overseas. Canadian businesses are recognizing the benefits and cost savings in hiring an international team.”

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Hire borderless talent with Horizons

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