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How to build a Global Team on a Budget

Join industry experts at the Horizons in-person event in Berlin on 14th March, 2024

Kick-off 2024 with an exclusive opportunity to transform your global hiring strategy!

Horizons, a leader in the Employer Of Record (EOR) space, invites you to a gathering in Berlin, where you’ll unlock practical strategies and expert insights on the costs of hiring sales, marketing, and IT talent across international markets.

Learn how you can build a global team (marketing, sales, development etc), with the best talent in your timezone on a budget that works for you.

Some of the best talent we’ve had the pleasure of working with is based offshore, and we will be showing you exactly how we do it and sharing the insights we’ve learned at Horizons over 2000+ global hires.

This is your chance to:

01. Uncover Cost Advantages: Learn how global recruitment can be a powerful lever for your business growth, offering significant cost benefits.

02. Source and Retain Top Talent: Get the inside scoop on where and how to economically source and retain the world’s best talent, ensuring a robust, long-term team.

03. Stay Ahead of Remote Work Trends: Dive into the 2024 expectations for remote work and how these trends can impact your business.

04. Optimize Global Talent Acquisition: Gain an in-depth understanding of hiring costs in various countries, equipping you to fine-tune your global talent strategy.

05. Employer Of Record Mastery: Elevate your hiring process with insights into the Employer Of Record (EOR) model for enhanced speed, flexibility, and compliance.

This event promises to be an interactive experience, not just an informative session!

Engage with Horizons experts and partner representatives over a dynamic Q&A session. And don’t miss the chance to network over drinks, connecting with peers and industry leaders.

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with Horizons in
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How to build a Global Team on a Budget