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Job Outsourcing to India: Key Things You Need to Know About

Job outsourcing to India

As a company with global ambitions, you search for options to delegate your trusted resources in a foreign country via foreign employees. You may think about doing this to understand/study the market, identify the products and services, or start your operations by job outsourcing. India has become one of the most preferred countries when it comes to job sourcing for businesses across the world. From back-end profiles like data-entry, telemarketing, etc., to high-profile work like engineering, research, and development, etc. Job outsourcing to India is an option executed by thousands of businesses due to labor diversity in the country. 

India has also made a niche in the IT outsourcing domain. Hundreds of companies have been outsourcing their technical information technology jobs to India. India is a linguistically diverse country and has a large number of English speakers. Due to this, job outsourcing to India has picked up its pace in the recent decade.

Job outsourcing benefits not only foreign employers but also remote employees. Businesses get back-end jobs, and technical work finished at a lower cost. Similarly, employees get higher pays and employment standards as per the global markets.

Job Outsourcing to India

Locating the right employees and onboarding them may take some time. While many Indians prefer to be direct about what they are looking for, others tend to avoid direct, personal questions. To avoid such confusion, consulting local HR experts for your requirements is the best solution!

One of the most essential steps of job outsourcing to India is to define a good job title and work profile. An employee may turn down an excellent job with a high pay grade if the title is not worthy of their qualifications or experience.

Another important thing to consider in the present global scenario is to opt for remote work. As an employer, you should recruit employees first and look for a workstation later. Work from home is becoming the new norm, and employees will readily accept a job that offers them this flexibility.

Employment Compliance in India

Employment and Labor laws in India are highly intricate. There are numerous laws relating to working hours compliance, minimum wage norms, employee benefits, tax regulations, etc. One of the best ways to deal with the multiple compliances, contractual requirements, and payroll norms is to delegate this work to a PEO & Employer of Record in India. A PEO can handle the contract drafting and vetting, local compliance management, payroll management, etc. on your behalf while you handle the efficiency of employees and other activities of job outsourcing to India.

Benefits of Job Outsourcing to India

The most common advantages of job outsourcing to India are as follows: 


India is part of the global economies, and with globalization, it has opened doors for trade, investment, job opportunities, language, and cultural assimilation. A large number of businesses and individuals are choosing India. The country is also slowly rising as a South Asian hub for the global markets. It makes India a viable option to outsource your work requirements. 

Support from the Indian Government

The government of India has been highly supportive and welcoming of foreign businesses.  It has continuously been supporting the outsourcing sector in the country and making entry in India easier. Reduced forex prohibitions, the establishment of IT parks, lower compliances, etc. are some of the initiatives taken. The government has supported foreign direct investment, with 100 percent FDI allowed in numerous business sectors.

Easier Communication

Removal of language barriers and instant communication systems such as video conferencing, emails, telephone calls, etc. allows businesses to stay connected continuously with their employees. Distance does not pose any communication barriers now. Western and European companies effortlessly manage communication while successfully job outsourcing to India.

Human Resources

Another advantage of job outsourcing to India is access to a large market of educated professionals in the country. The easy availability of a cheap workforce allows even small businesses and startups to choose India as their foreign base. Not only that, but the availability of professionals from an array of business fields also allows a foreign entity to find employees for all its activities easily.

Hire globally in 24 hours with Horizons EOR services.

Strategies for Job Outsourcing to India

The excellence in job outsourcing has reached new heights with an increase in experience and qualifications. Indian workers with high-level education and experience are shifting towards global markets. Support from the government and hassle-free remote training has also made outsourcing work to India more accessible.

However, with a population of 1.38 billion people, the number of viable candidates in India is enormous! Finding the right talent that matches the profile requirements and the company’s vision requires a robust strategy. It involves identifying the right recruitment channels and partnering with the right staffing experts. When your company does not have a global presence, you can opt for the services of a global PEO for job outsourcing to India.

How Does a PEO Help?

A PEO or Professional Employment Organisation helps you with all your employment and administration needs. It acts as your employment partner and takes care of your HR requirement on your behalf. Horizons is a licensed employer of record that provides you with end-to-to assistance for your global expansion and employment management. We help businesses that do not wish to set up a legal entity, establish their footing in their target country. At Horizons, you can find solutions for your staffing, employment management, payroll management, compliance management, and much more!

We can help you with your job outsourcing to India and guide you about setting up your activities as per the Indian corporate and labor laws. At Horizons, we help you hire the best and enable you to access a talented pool of professionals, IT experts, analysts, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers, writers, and other workers. 

When it comes to compliance, we ensure that you follow all the local, state, and national labor laws in India. We also take care of the monthly payroll and tax filing on your behalf as per the Indian standards.

Through our network of subject matter experts, we can assist you with administrative management, and expense and employee benefit management as made necessary under the Indian laws.

Contact us today for your outsourcing requirements in India for all-inclusive solutions on employment, HR, payroll management, as well as market entry to India.