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Product Releases – May 2023

Product Releases – May 2023

Hire borderless talent with Horizons

Hi Community,

We’re excited to announce a fresh suite of updates to our platform. Crafted with user feedback at its core, this release promises to enhance your productivity and elevate your global hiring processes. Read on to uncover the latest improvements we’ve introduced with you in mind.


New features 🎉

Hire & Pay Contractors 🏢 



We’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature that allows seamless hiring and paying of contractors directly within the onboarding workflow.

Recognizing the need for increased flexibility, you can now choose to hire either a full-time employee or a contractor in over 180 countries. We ensure that contractors are hired on your behalf, effectively mitigating any misclassification risks and handling local compliance concerns.

While this initial release already adds substantial value, we are not stopping here. In the coming months, we will be expanding this feature to include additional payment methods and an automated contract generator. This is another step forward in making your HR tasks more efficient and globally compliant.

Customize Billing Groups 📁

We’re delighted to spotlight our Billing Groups feature, now fully integrated into our platform. With this tool, you can create distinct groups for different teams or departments, each receiving its own customizable invoice.

For example, you could divide your employees into “Marketing” and “Sales” billing groups and designate the recipients for each group’s invoices, even adding different Purchase Order numbers.

Initially launched in March, this feature is now seamlessly woven into the rest of our HR solution, granting you greater control over your organizational billing process.

Improvements 🎨

Sleek & Transparent Payroll UI/UX 💛

We’re equally excited to roll out an all-new user interface for global payroll.

This redesigned experience is aimed at giving you a more streamlined and intuitive insight into your global payroll costs of your EOR or contractor teams. The new UI simplifies the payroll approval process, reducing time spent on these tasks and freeing you up to focus on other essential tasks. Furthermore, the design of the payroll regularisation has also been revamped, based on your frequent feedback.

This overhaul is a part of our ongoing commitment to optimize your experience and ensure our platform continues to be the most efficient and user-friendly payroll overview on the market.

Revamped Expenses 💳

The sleek, reimagined design of our new expenses UI/UX simplifies expense claims for your teams, making it effortless to track and request reimbursements.

For administrators and finance teams, the new interface offers a clearer overview of all expenses, facilitating easy approvals and enhanced financial oversight. This update is all about efficiency and clarity, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process from claim to reimbursement.

Hire borderless talent with Horizons

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