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March 2023: Multiple Billing Entities, Relaunched UX/UI and New Onboarding Workflow

With Q2 fast approaching, we realize you’re eager to propel your business forward and reach new heights. Rest assured, we’re here to support your journey. 

This month, we’ve launched a series of innovative features designed to streamline your global hiring and payroll processes. Read on to learn more about the exciting advancements we’ve made to help you succeed.

New features 🎉

Billing groups 🏢

Billing Groups is a powerful new feature designed to help you:

  • Easily manage multiple teams within your organization
  • Allocate budgets and track expenses more effectively
  • Enjoy a clearer and more organized overview of your employees

With Billing Groups, you can now create separate groups for different teams or departments. Each group can will receive its own invoice which you can customize. You could e.g. split your employees into a billing groups for “Marketing” and “Sales” and chose who should receive the invoices for each time and add different PO numbers.

Multiple entities on a single account 💼

Alongside Billing Groups, we’re launching the option to add multiple legal entities to your Horizons account. This feature together with Billing Groups will allow you to manage all your employees from a single account. 

We will start showing the employee’s billing group on other pages (e.g. the employee list & payroll report) so that you can see both the big picture as well as a team-based view.

Improvements 🎨

Slicker UI/UX 💛

Our newly revamped user interface and enhanced user experience are tailored to offer a more intuitive, seamless, and aesthetically hiring journey for our clients and their global teams. 

We’ve meticulously refined the layout, design, and navigation to ensure that managing international EOR operations is a breeze for HR professionals and businesses alike.

Improved workflows for EOR onboardings ✨

We are thrilled to announce the revamp of our onboarding process, designed to streamline and enhance the experience for both new employees and employers alike. Under the “New Hire” tab, you can effortlessly initiate a hiring request by providing essential job details. Our platform will then generate a customized employment agreement for your endorsement.

With your green light, you can proceed to invite the prospective employee for the signing of the agreement, simplifying the onboarding journey for all parties involved.

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March 2023: Multiple Billing Entities, Relaunched UX/UI and New Onboarding Workflow