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Experienced China Law Firm You Can Depend On

China law firm & legal counseling

Horizons provides comprehensive legal services to foreign business owners, explaining the complexities of the Chinese legal system and helping companies learn about compliance measures throughout the vast nation.

With support from a global network and worldwide offices, Horizons serves as an important strategic ally when expanding your business into new Asian markets.

Legal expertise to support your China expansion

Company Registration

Our legal services will guide your company incorporation in China. This lets you grow your operations quickly and compliantly. 

Legal Compliance
Legal representation and strategic support that ensures you maintain compliance with local rules and employment regulations.
Investment Support
Specialist guidance through mortgage loan contracts, pre-sale contracts, and real estate purchases.

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Our legal service offerings

Horizons can assist you with all aspects of setting up your business in China. We provide local knowledge and connections with various regulatory agencies throughout China to inform you of local and national requirements, procedures, and protocol. We provide legal representation, support, and advice in the following areas:

Company registration

We assist foreign businesses looking to set up a legal entity in China with all aspects of company registration. We can review your objectives and inform you of whether a WFOE, Joint Venture, Representative Office or Sales Office will best meet these objectives.

We can discuss the tax implications, compliance measures, minimum capital investment, employment responsibilities, and advantages of each of these options to determine the best-suited one for your business. You can rely on our vast industry knowledge to allow you to tap into new markets and expand your global reach.

Banking and finance

Our banking and finance experts can explain minimum capital investment rules, how to obtain bank accounts in China, FBAR requirements, foreign exchange control, loan requirements and other banking matters to you.

Foreign investment

Our legal experts can help with your initial investment plan and the due diligence process when you consider launching a new business in China or investing in the Chinese market. We provide operations support services to WFOEs and other business entities in China. We also assist with the necessary registrations and filings with relevant government entities. 

We can explain the process of investing in Chinese real estate and any restrictions on ownership. We prepare and review all necessary legal documents required in these transactions, including:

  • Mortgage loan contracts
  • Pre-sale contracts
  • Real estate sale and purchase contracts

Mergers and acquisitions

The time may come in your business when you have the opportunity to acquire a competitive or complementary business. We assist with foreign-investment transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, overseas companies, and domestic companies, including the due diligence aspects of the transaction. Our company verification services are designed to conduct background searches and advise you on asset preservation strategies.


When expanding into the Chinese market, it is vital to understand the various complex laws that can impact your business. We can explain the various tax, licensing and regulatory rules to you so that you have a comprehensive understanding of them and how they may affect your business. We assist with all aspects of compliance and regulatory matters, and our experts can ensure that you stay compliant with them at all times.


China does not generally recognize trademarks and other intellectual property that is registered in foreign jurisdictions and has a first-to-file law that respects ownership interests of the individuals and companies that first register the intellectual property with the company. Thanks to our trademark registration services, we can help you protect your ideas, patents, inventions, and other intellectual property by registering it with the appropriate Chinese entities. We also assist with licensing and enforcement activities.

Intellectual property

China has a complex tax system that involves multiple employers and employee deductions and forms of social insurance. The tax requirements also vary by region and city. We can help with all complex tax problems and prepare statements and reports regarding taxes, payroll, and statutory returns.

Immigration and visa service

Horizons provides global visa services to new hires, business travelers and employees who are relocating to new markets. Our immigration experts obtain all of the necessary documents and assist with the immigration process. We can help you and your employees obtain the necessary work and resident permits through our immigration and visa consulting service. We can help you transition into new markets through targeted legal advice and local support. We also provide legal advisory services regarding the visa consular process and ongoing support as you work with the immigration system.

Recruitment and onboarding services

We can help you locate the best talent throughout the globe and assist with all aspects of the recruitment and onboarding services. We can conduct background searches to properly vet potential candidates. We can also prepare employment contracts that comply with local governmental regulations.

Dispute resolution

If you encounter a dispute with another business, a vendor, employee, or another person that may have legal implications for your business, we assist with alternative forms of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, and negotiations.