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13th month pay
in Hong Kong.

SALARY PAYMENT IN Hong Kong Dollars (HKD, $)


PAYROLL TAX 5% + 1,500 HKD


TIME TO HIRE 12 hours

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Hong Kong

    Is there a 13th month pay in Hong Kong?

    Contrary to popular belief, there is no legally mandated 13th month pay for employees in Hong Kong.

    How is the 13th month pay calculated in Hong Kong?

    The amount is calculated as specified in the employment contract. If it is not specified, then it is calculated as a sum equivalent to the average monthly salary earned by an employee in the 12-months before the day it becomes due. For employees that are employed for less than 12 months, the calculation is based on the average monthly salary earned in their employment period.

    When is the 13th month salary paid in Hong Kong?

    If an employer chooses to pay the 13th month in Hong Kong, they can choose when this is paid. However, it tends to be customary to make the 13th month salary payment towards the end of the calendar year.

    Does the 13th month salary amount to any extra payment by the employer?

    If an employer chooses to pay a 13th month payment in Hong Kong, this would normally be an extra payment by the employer.

    Is the 13th month salary taxable in Hong Kong?

    The 13th month salary is taxable in Hong Kong.

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    There is no statutory provision in Hong Kong for a 13th-month payment. It is, however, considered standard in Hong Kong to have a 13th month payment.

    No, the standard is 12 months of pay in Hong Kong

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