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    What is the minimum wage in Italy per hour?

    Italy has no statutory minimum wage, however most workers are protected by a collective bargaining agreement. Therefore, on average, minimum wage in Italy is around 7-9 EUR/hour.
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    Are there regional variations in Italy minimum wage?

    There is no statutory minimum wage in Italy. However, salaries will vary greatly across Italy. Italy is famous for its North-South economic divide in which the North of Italy is much wealthier than the South of Italy. Therefore, wages in the Northern part of Italy are going to be higher than wages in the South.

    How has minimum wage in Italy changed in the last 5 years and beyond?

    There is no statutory minimum wage in Italy. However, wage growth in Italy typically increases by roughly 2% a year.

    How does the minimum wage in Italy compare to surrounding countries?

    Italy is surrounded by countries like France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. The minimum wage in these countries is as follows:

    • France: 1,540 EUR per month
    • Switzerland: No statutory minimum wage, but the rough average minimum wage is 4,100 EUR per month
    • Austria: 1,500 EUR per month
    • Slovenia: 940 EUR per month

    As you can see, Italy sits in an economically diverse area of Europe. Furthermore, Italy itself is very economically diverse.

    Is there a different minimum wage for expats in Italy?

    There is no statutory minimum wage in Italy for Italian citizens, expats, or anyone else. 

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    There is no statutory minimum wage in Italy. However it is estimated that the average low wage in Italy is roughly 1,150 EUR per month. The median salary in Italy is 2,500 EUR per month.

    In Italy, it can be difficult to hire skilled employees on low wages. Most skilled employees will come to expect salaries close to the median salary of 2,500 EUR per month. With that in mind, however, Italy is very economically diverse and salary expectations vary greatly from region to region.

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